Fighting Vipers 2

STORY:  The Vipers fought the hot battles at the City Tower.  Despite the conspiracy of the City Mayor, B.M., everyone thought that they had won with his own power.  2 years has past... The City is still under the dictatorship of the mayor B.M.  With growing hatred against the Vipers who stood against him, he proposed a municipal bylaw for the "Viper Hunt", and enforced it.  Many vipers were arrested and thrown into jail, the rest who escaped, hid themselves and removed their armors. But, there were few who would not give in to the mayor's oppression, and would continue to fight. Here begin the hot battles of the last Vipers...

Fighting Vipers 2 character select screen.

The sequel to Sega's sleeper arcade hit, Fighting Vipers, was released only in Japan (1998) and in Europe (2001), thus becoming a very rare fighting game elsewhere. A North American release for Fighting Vipers 2 was originally planned, but was later cancelled. Fighting Vipers 2 introduces 2 new characters (Emi & Charlie), improved graphics, new stage designs, and a few gameplay tweaks. There are also 2 secret unlockable characters, including: Del Sol, a Mexican wrestler with a Sun mask, and Kuhn, a mimic character whose moveset changes after each round, similar to Dural from Virtua Fighter.


Charlie fights with a mini-bike on his back.

The gameplay builds upon the armor breaking system in the first game. The main draw of the gameplay is, once again, using the enclosed stages to your advantage and breaking your opponents armor. The new armor gauge shows the state of each fighter's armor, and there are new effects on the character when the armor is broken. When a fighter has lost all of their armor, they will be susceptible to a "Super K.O" move from their opponent.

All returning vipers get new clothing / armor designs.

Unlike Tekken, Virtua Fighter, or even the Street Fighter games of the era, Fighting Vipers has a more simplistic fighting engine. The gameplay revolves mostly around stringing together ever-longer combinations of basic punches and kicks. This causes fights to usually end very quick, since the longer chain attacks can be so devastating. For high level players, it's important to learn the deflections and guard breaker moves common to each character. The lack of dodge or sidestep moves makes breakers and deflections very important as it's quite easy to get caught against a wall and juggled into a KO within a few seconds.


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Page Updated: September 10th, 2021
Developer(s): Sega-AM2
Publisher(s): Sega
Platform(s): Arcade, Sega Dreamcast
Release Date(s): Apr. 1998                      Arcade
Jan. 18th, 2001
Characters Bahn, Emi, Charlie, Honey, Raxel, Picky, Grace, Tokio, Jane, Sanman, Mahler, Del Sol, Kuhn

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Final Words:

I finally got a chance to play Fighting Vipers 2 in the year 2021. Being somewhat of a fan of the first game... I always wanted to check out the sequel. I tried to put myself back in the late 90's / early 2000's to appreciate the graphics. It looks pretty good for its day.

I haven't played the game enough yet to do a full review, but please stay tuned. In case anyone from Sega is reading this, I would definitely buy and support Fighting Vipers 2 if an HD remake was released on PS4 or Steam.  Why not a collection? Fighting Vipers 1 + 2 as part of a retro Sega / Dreamcast "collection" of sorts would be amazing.

~TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen

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