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Tokio was raised in in a Kabuki Actor's family and joined a local gang known as "Black Thunder" 2 years before the events of Fighting Vipers. He eventually became the leader of Black Thunder, but left the gang after one of his fellow members was killed, as he felt responsible. Soon after, he became a lone wolf.


Fighting Vipers


Fighting Vipers 2, Fighters Megamix


Page Updated:  June 15th, 2021

In 1995 / 1996, most video game "males" were typical the strong, masculine type (and usually trying way too hard to be 'mainly')... with the exception of a few. That's part of the reason I thought Tokio was a pretty unique and interesting design in Fighting Vipers. What is this game, Fighting Vipers? These characters don't seem like they're trying to be anyone else? These characters are... refreshingly different. Tokio is a tough martial artist and happens to have a fairly thin build and majestic long hair. Don't hate, because the dude is even a member of some "gang"... which naturally adds to his toughness, of course.

Tokio's default appearance is somewhat odd, and I suppose he's showing his chest for the ladies... but somehow his outfit works with the "look" of character designs from Fighting Vipers, and arguably more interesting to look at than most Virtua Fighter costume designs, for example. And how can you go wrong with a name like Tokio? I dunno... I just think he's a cool. He also kinda has some Android 17 vibes going on. Tokio has some pretty solid attacks in his moveset, but in some ways not so memorable of a fighting style. 

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