Ever since she was a little girl, Jane has always wanted to become a Marine. Throughout high school, she trained her muscles to the limit so that one day she may proudly serve in the Corp. However, the Marines rejected her application, considering her mentally unstable due to a near-lethal blow Jane once administered during a heated struggle. Forced to work part-time as a subway construction worker, Jane enters the tournament to measure her prowess and justify her training in a youth.

Fighting Vipers



Fighting Vipers 2, Fighters Megamix


Page Updated:  June 27th, 2022

Uhh... "G.I. Jane"? lol. Other than being a rather "butch" chick, there's nothing too original about her design (although in the video game realm, being a butch chick is considerably original). I guess Jane tried to break the trend of "sexy" fighting game females... but I'm not sure it worked out in the end for her as a design. She definitely isn't the first character you think of when you think Fighting Vipers (probably not the 5th character you think of, either). lol.

Actually, Jane might be the most boring character from the series... but hey, she can kick some ass! She's got that part down.

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