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Honey / Candy


She is known as "Honey" in the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers, and "Candy" in the American & European versions. Candy is a girl who dreams of becoming an apparel designer. When she dresses in her self-made rubber-dress armor, she becomes a radical viper.  She fights to show off her dress and herself. Even the Viper Hunt is an opportunity to show off her dress and herself! There is a rumor that she is in love with Sanman... but maybe she is just teasing him?

FUN FACT: A "cat" version of Honey known as "Honey the Cat" is a playable hidden character in Sonic The Fighters.
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Fighting Vipers


Fighting Vipers 2, Fighters Megamix

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Page Updated:  June 16th, 2022

Back in the mid 90's, Sega was definitely going for that "sex appeal" with this chick! In fact, Honey / Candy was one of the most sexualized females to appear in a fighting game to date. On that front, she's actually a pioneer in a way. You might say she paved the way for the girls of DOA... before Tecmo and Team Ninja went wild with that idea. lol. 

Sega's uber-sexualized early promotional images for Honey / Candy were RISQUE to say the least!!! ^o^ (example: The "Taste of Honey" image). Gotta give Sega props for trying something outside of the realm of Sonic The Hedgehog and actually making a somewhat "adult-themed" character for a fighting game. Sexiness aside, I actually like Honey as a design. Her outfit designs are pretty wild... and just a bit on the sluttish side, but not too over the top. She has some unique attributes as a design and not a bad moveset either. In any case, Honey was one of the "best rendered" 3D fighting game babes of her time... and she is probably one of the most memorable characters from the Fighting Vipers series.

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