Mahler / B.M.


Mahler is a 20 year old mystery with a grudge against the Mayor of Armstone City (who has organized the tournament) wearing poisonous armor resembling a snake. He isn't officially registered as a member of the tournament. B.M. is boss of the game and is a powered up version of Mahler.


Fighting Vipers


Fighting Vipers 2, Fighters Megamix


Page Updated:  May 10th, 2019

Mahler is one of the more immediately recognizable designs of Fighting Vipers. His wrestling attire / cobra helmet thing is pretty badass-looking. He had some cool moves for back then... but not as many throw techniques as I would've hoped for a pro wrestler. Since Mahler never got much of a chance to develop, so many fighting game wrestlers have surely succeeded him. I could picture Mahler returning someday as a rough-around-the-edges "washed up" pro wrestler. Maybe he'll be a guest character in TEKKEN 8.  :)

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