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July 23rd, 2024
TEKKEN 8 Version 1.06 Now Live, Patch Notes, New Fight Pass, Shop Content, Lidia Sobieska Released

Following a very busy and exciting weekend for fighting games after EVO 2024, Bandai Namco dropped update 1.06 for TEKKEN 8 which adds new playable character Lidia Sobieska, a new Fight Pass, new FREE content such as Photo mode and the Seaside Resort stage, new Shop / Customization items, including: Vacation Pack & Diva Pack universal items...

July 21st, 2024
EVO 2024: Street Fighter 6 Terry Bogard Trailer + Screens

Before the EVO '24 Street Fighter 6 Top 6 kicked off, Joe "Long Island Joe" Ciaramelli hyped up the live crowd before announcing that Capcom had a new trailer to share. The crowd was chanting "Terry! Terry! Terry!" as the lights went dim... and they guessed correctly! Without further ado, watch the short but sweet Terry Bogard Street Fighter 6 teaser trailer.

July 21st, 2024
Heihachi and New Story Content Revealed for TEKKEN 8

HE'S NOT DEAD! ...HE'S NOT DEAD! Prior to the EVO 2024 TEKKEN 8 Top 6 finals, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took the EVO stage to drop a new TEKKEN World Tour trailer and a new cinematic / story trailer confirming Heihachi Mishima will return as a playable character in Season 1. Watch the EVO '24 reveal trailer...

July 21st, 2024
EVO 2024: TEKKEN 8 Nike Collaboration

In addition to the TEKKEN 8 Chipotle collaboration revealed during Evolution 2024, Bandai Namco has also teamed up with Nike to announce special-edition physical sneakers and in-game Nikes for characters to wear. The Nike Air Foamposite One "Kazuya" + "Jin" are coming soon to TEKKEN 8. Watch the TEKKEN 8 Nike "first look" trailer...

July 21st, 2024
Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 4 Announced

Prior to the EVO 2024 Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Top 6 Finals on Sunday, Arc System Works dropped a new trailer announcing Season 4. Four new characters have been confirmed for Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 4, including Dizzy, Venom, Unika, and a guest character from CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Lucy. The trailer also provides a first look at...

July 21st, 2024
Under Night In-Birth II Uzuki Gameplay Reveal Trailer

On Sunday during EVO '24, Arc System Works shared the official gameplay reveal trailer for Uzuki arriving in Under Night In-Birth II on July 25th, 2024. Uzuki's voice actress is confirmed as Satomi Akesaka. "Welcome to the world of nightmares! You better get to know the undead," says Uzuki in her trailer.

July 21st, 2024
Versusia Revealed for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

During Evolution 2024, Cygames announced Versusia as the latest character coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. On Saturday, Cygames shared some concept artwork and bio for "the god of destruction" Versusia. On Sunday, Cygames released Versusia's gameplay reveal trailer.

July 20th, 2024
SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Now Available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch with Rollback Netcode

Announced today during EVO 2024, SNK surprise-launched a modern re-release of 2003's memorable crossover 2D fighting game, SNK vs. Capcom Chaos (SVC Chaos) now available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The updated port was announced with a new trailer alongside a beautiful new poster illustration by Eisuke Ogura.

July 20th, 2024
Kevin Rian Revealed for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

Today at EVO 2024, SNK announced the ninth playable character coming to Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves the long-awaited sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Southtown police officer Kevin Rian is back in action; his official FF: COTW reveal trailer demonstrates some of Kevin's familiar techniques with new follow-ups.

July 20th, 2024
TEKKEN 8 Chipotle Collaboration Announced at EVO '24

On Friday during Evolution 2024, Bandai Namco and Chipotle announced a special collaboration for TEKKEN 8. Similar to the Street Fighter 6 Chipotle collaboration we saw last year, Chipotle restaurants are now offering a bonus for TEKKEN 8 players, as promo codes with online / app orders will earn players 500 Tekken Coins to spend in-game.

July 20th, 2024
SNK Confirms New Art of Fighting Game and Samurai Shodown Action RPG in Development

During the Evolution 2024 showcase panel for KOF XV and Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, Joshua Weatherford of SNK Corporation's Game Division Studio 1 announced that the company is developing a new Art of Fighting (fighting game) as well as an "Action RPG" based on the Samurai Shodown series confirming earlier reports on SNK urgently hiring...

July 19th, 2024
Mature and Vice Announced for KOF XV

Tonight at EVO '24, SNK announced series veterans Mature and Vice are coming to The King of Fighters XV as special DLC characters arriving this December. So far, only concept illustrations of Mature and Vice have been released which show both returning KOF females in outfits resembling their original KOF '96 appearance.

July 15th, 2024
Evolution 2024 Stream Schedule, Venue Map

Over the weekend, EVO shared the full stream schedule for this weekend's Evolution Championship Series 2024 live event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether you're watching from home or in attendance at EVO '24, the full stream schedule is now live so you don't miss any of the action and announcements.

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