Momo Karuizawa


Momo may look like an innocent kid, but she actually has a dark, evil side. She can be cruel and atrocious when she wants to be. In Project Justice, she pretends that she has been bullied by Batsu (who was actually actually Kurow in disguise). She later convinces Shoma to help her and he easily falls for her evil scheme. Natsu immediately develops a mistrust for Momo, getting a bad vibe from her from the start. This causes an argument between Natsu and Shoma. After a fight between the two, Shoma parts ways with Natsu and Roberto for a period of time to help Momo. Natsu and Roberto eventually meet up with Nagare to find out what happened to Shoma.

After Momo and Shoma defeat Pacific High students, Boman, Roy, Tiffany, and their Taiyo High friends Ran and the Chairperson, Shoma realizes that Momo used him all along to create confusion among the schools in Aoharu City, thanks to his friends. Momo finally reveals her true nature to Shoma, and that she is actually part of the Darkside Student Congress lead by Kurow. After Kurow is defeated by regrouped Gorin High team, Kurow betrays Momo only to suffer a bloody defeat to Hyo. The team, now with Momo on their side, defeat the possessed Hyo and escape the burning Justice High building.

Two weeks later, life returns to normal. However, Momo's infatuation with Shoma finally becomes real, much to Natsu's dismay, creating a tense, yet comical love triangle among the three.
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Project Justice

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SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2

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Page Updated:  Feb. 20th, 2023

Momo is hilariously annoying yet cute (and ferocious) at the same time. While "some" cute females in fighting games are just blatantly annoying for no reason, Momo's annoying-ness is acceptable because it's really part of her design and archetype.

Momo loves hitting tennis balls at her opponents, all while bouncing around and making a lot of noise. As another "sports user" in Rival Schools, she's yet another original and innovative character for the series. Her mannerisms and animations really steal the show and are some of the most entertaining in the game. It's also pretty awesome how she has a "dark side" and through deception, and turns out to be a villain in the storyline. I think she's one of the best newcomers in Project Justice, and she was actually the first character I tried in the game (for some reason). I never knew a tennis player would make such a good fighting game character. Leave it to Capcom to come up with such an interesting character. 

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