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Roy Bromwell
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Roy Bromwell is a rich foreign exchange student from America, and became a rival to Batsu. He's an American football player, with a number of his in-game special moves named after elements of the sport.

In the original Rival Schools, Roy is ordered to investigate the school kidnappings by his father. Fellow classmates Tiffany and Boman join him on his mission. During their investigation, the American trio is defeated and brainwashed by Justice High, but eventually is freed thanks to Batsu and his Taiyo High comrades. This causes Roy eventually rethink his ideas about Japan and its people. His Rival Schools ending shows him returning to America, determined to change the way of thinking in his home country. 30 years after the games take place, he is elected the President of the United States.

In Project Justice, Roy and Tiffany return to Japan when the new school conflict breaks out. They show up in two different storylines in the game. In one, they help Batsu and his friends in the Taiyo High story. In the other, they join Boman in the Pacific High story. The Pacific High ending shows him returning to the United States with Tiffany, even more determined to change the world.
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Rival Schools: United By Fate

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Project Justice, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2

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Page Updated:  Aug. 1st, 2021

Interestingly, Roy is based off of Terry Bogard of SNK... the Capcom Vs. SNK design-battle continues. While some would call Roy total knock-off of Terry, seeing Capcom's "take" on a young Terry Bogard in high school is nothing short of amazing... and no doubt entertaining to any 90's fighting game fan. Roy's red vest and jeans would be enough, but he's even got Terry's power wave move and a few similar priority moves as well. Their names even share similarities - (both of their first names end in "Y" and last names start with "B"). They've got a similar ring.

With Roy, I guess Capcom was still humorously getting back at SNK for all the times they "borrowed" inspiration from Capcom's designs... *sigh* How I miss the 90's. It would be easy for someone to write off Roy as "rip-off" and call it a day, but Roy is a great character in the game. For one, anyone who enjoyed using Terry in Fatal Fury or KOF have an immediate character they'd enjoy using in Rival Schools. Smart game design right there! ;) Also, the way Edayan draws Roy makes him look badass. He's a prep for sure, but the dude dresses well and clearly stays in shape. He fits into Rival Schools as the blonde-haired pretty boy... but he can throw down too.  

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