Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Street Fighter: Duel Getting Worldwide Release, New Details, Screenshots & Artwork


During the North America East bracket of Capcom Pro Tour 2021 on July 25th, Capcom reaffirmed earlier statements and confirmed mobile JRPG Street Fighter: Duel will indeed be getting a worldwide release, though a date was not announced. The game was originally released in beta form by TOPJOY, Tencent, and Capcom back in November 2020 (exclusively in China). But soon, fans around the world will be able to try out the game for themselves on iOS and Android. Earlier this year, the Street Fighter cast made a fashion statement with their edgy redesigned threads drawn by Chinese artist, Xin Wang. In addition to the game's cool artwork, SF:Duel features over 30 characters, clean 2D sprites, and team-building gameplay (with a 3-vs-3 system mechanic as well). Scroll further down to check out some screenshots, gameplay, and character artwork.


Street Fighter: Duel takes most of its inspiration from Street Fighter IV and SFV, featuring music from those games, 30+ playable characters who can join your team, original characters (mostly opponents), a variety of recognizable stages, and cool menu screens with tons of artwork to appreciate. Duel also features a crossover with Jay Chou real life Taiwanese singer and songwriter who makes a playable guest appearance in the game.



*More Street Fighter: Duel art will be added to the site soon. See TFG's previous article from Jan. 2021 for a gallery featuring character illustrations by Xin Wang. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for continued coverage.
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