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SoulCalibur Music Played During Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony


After being postponed last year due to COVID-19, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially kicked off this weekend on Friday, July 23rd. The Olympics opening ceremony included a medley of iconic video game soundtracks to celebrate Japan's rich history of gaming musicincluding the character select theme from SoulCalibur 6, "A Brave New Stage of History". On Friday, athletes from around the world walked out to an impressively wide variety of tracks from JRPGs, such as: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Nier, and Chrono Trigger. It's nice to see at least one fighting game make the tracklist of this unprecedented worldwide appreciation of video game music! Listen to the SC6 theme played at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by clicking the video (below) and scroll down to see the full tracklist played during the ceremony.

  Soul Calibur - The Brave New Stage of History
  Final Fantasy - Main Theme
  Final Fantasy - Victory Fanfare
  Kingdom Hearts - Olympic Coliseum
  Kingdom Hearts - Hero's Fanfare
  Monster Hunter - Proof of a Hero
  Monster Hunter - Winds of Departure
  Dragon Quest - Theme of Erdrick
  Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme
  Chrono Trigger - Robo's Theme
  Nier - Song of the Ancients
  Sonic the Hedgehog - Star Light Zone
  Ace Combat - First Flight
  Tales of series - Royal Capital ~ Majestic Grandeur
  Tales of series - Sorey's Theme Purity
  Pro Evolution Soccer - eFootball Walk-On Theme
  Phantasy Star Universe - Guardians
  Gradius (Nemesis) - 01 ACT1-1
  SaGa series - SaGa Series Medley 2016


 Sources:  IGNNamco Music Center         

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