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Kinu Nishimura Darkstalkers 27th Anniversary Art


It's that time of year again to be blessed with new fighting game artwork by legendary Capcom artist, Kinu Nishimura. It's almost Halloween, right? Close enough. Either way, the influential Darkstalkers / Vampire Savior series is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year. Today, the e-Capcom online store revealed a limited edition "Giclée print" of Kinu's 2021 Darkstalkers illustration. The 27th anniversary tribute features the beautiful ladies of Darkstalkers, including Morrigan, Lilith, Felicia, Lei Lei / Hsien-Ko, Anita, Queen Bee, and B. B. Hood. The product announced is a limited edition Capcom e-shop high-definition acrylic "Giclée print" of Kinu's new artwork. Additional details and the high-res digital version of the artwork can be found below.

   What is a Giclée print?

It is printed using the finest materials, high-definition, high-color gamut, and museum-quality pigments that boast high storage stability for 100 years. The Giglee print has a floating clog on the back, which makes it possible to display it with a stronger presence.


Below is the gorgeous digital version of Kinu's new art.


From e-Capcom: 

"Kinu Nishimura first joined Capcom in 1991.
After working with Capcom for many years, Kinu moved to freelance art and is still energetically active in various genres such as anime, figures, and games. Kinu Nishimura's dynamic and attractive touch has been highly evaluated not only in the game industry in Japan but the overseas community as well."

On Twitter, Kinu shared an early sketch version! @nishi_Katsu


Kinu also illustrated the Street Fighter crew earlier in 2021.


Back in January 2021, Kinu Nishimura drew another stunning Capcom illustration, featuring both Darkstalkers and Street Fighter characters, for a new line of Capcom merch. For more details on the above artwork, see TFG's previous article.


 Sources:  @nishi_katsu ウラサワ カナ          Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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