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SNK and Darkstalkers 2021 Kotobukiya Bishoujo Character Statues Announced


Kotobukiya is well-known for their high-quality Bishoujo statues spanning a wide variety of anime, manga, movie and video game franchises, including Street Fighter, TEKKEN, and Marvel  designed from the beautiful art direction of Shunya Yamashita. Today, Kotobukiya announced a new line of Bishoujo Statues based on SNK's The King of Fighters '98 and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. Kotobukiya also recently announced a line of 2021 Darkstalkers character statues, including Morrigan and Felicia. Scroll down to see Kotobukiya's official promo images revealing the new statues.


Below is Shunya Yamashita's 2021 Morrigan concept artwork for the upcoming Darkstalkers x Bishoujo statues. Morrigan and Felicia have been confirmed, with 1 additional character soon to be revealed!

FUN FACT: Bishoujo is a term meaning "beautiful young girl". In case you haven't noticed by now, all characters who appear in Koyobukiya's Bishoujo statue line are female. (Even some male characters have been gender-swapped.) Kotobukiya also recently announced this Wolverine figure for 2021. (In this case, it's actually X-23 / Laura Kinney.)

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 Source:  Kotobukiya Official    

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