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Every Street Fighter Cat from Neco Drop 2... and Possibly a Hint at the Next SFV: CE Character?


On April 1st, 2021, Capcom released the free-to-play puzzle game Neco Drop 2 a sequel to last year's cat-themed Street Fighter game. This official image from Capcom (below) shows artwork for every cat who appears in the game one representing each member of SFV: Champion Edition's roster (in addition to several non-playable support characters in the SFV storyline). These clever feline designs are awesome fan service in many ways. However, one cat in particular might be a hint at the one remaining Season 5 character of SFV: Champion Edition... can you spot him?

(click image to open full-sized version in a new window.)

In case you haven't spotted him yet... above the bottom right cat (Oro) is Captain Sawada yes, Capcom actually created a Neco Drop 2 cat for Street Fighter: The Movie hero, Captain Sawada. Other non-playable "support" characters like Rashid's servant Azam and a Shadaloo soldier also appear in the artwork above, so this image definitely doesn't "confirm" Sawada as the next playable fighter. Sawada's appearance could be completely random fan service... or is it?


In addition to camo fur, the cat representing Sawada has his infamous "hara-kiri" effect from his ridiculous special move, on his belly. Yes, his belly. In the case that Captain Sawada actually makes it to SFV:CE as the final character of Season 5... remember you heard it here first! For several years on TFG's profile for Sawada, I actually said it "would be pretty epic if Capcom brought back Sawada for SFV."

Hey, it wouldn't be the first (or second or third) time I called an upcoming character in a fighting game. (It really does seem like Capcom is listening sometimes.) You can visit TFG's earlier article for a link to play Neco Drop 2.
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