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Street Fighter III: An Oral History - By Polygon


Veteran fighting game players surely remember the late 90's ó an incredible and highly competitive time in the genre. With the latest 3D fighting games like TEKKEN 3, Soul Blade, Virtua Fighter 2 & 3, and Mortal Kombat 4 making waves in arcades and on home consoles, a true 2D masterpiece and future genre-defining fighting game had trouble building steam at launch. That game was Street Fighter III: New Generation. Polygon's latest article (SFIII: An Oral History) shines new light on the incredible development story of SFIII ó featuring commentary from artists, planners, and directors from the original Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III development team.

Street Fighter 3: New Generation debuted with 10 new characters. Unfortunately for Capcom, the new cast (seen in the above character art from 3rd Strike) didnít resonate with fans to the same degree as the classic characters.

This illustration from Polygon's article says it all. Street Fighter III: New Generation was an underappreciated gem at launch, but a very important stepping stone for the series. Several years later in 1999, SFIII: 3rd Strike would eventually become a runaway hit with the competitive FGC.

    Check out the full article Street Fighter III: An Oral History over at Polygon.
    [UPDATE]   In January 2021, Polygon released Capcom Vs. SNK: An Oral History.

 Source:  Polygon   

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