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The Making of Street Fighter II Video Documentary


Last month, YouTuber strafefox put together an incredible documentary all about the rich history and development of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. If you love nostalgia trips and visual fighting genre history lessons, this 20-minute video documentary is an absolute must watch. From details about the hardware of the arcade cabinets of the era, to the iconic original team of Capcom artists behind Final Fight and Street Fighter II, this documentary is chock full of informative content, early concept artwork, and great memories! Even the most studied fighting game historian will most likely learn a few things from watching this stunningly well-made SF2 documentary!

The mini-doc even dives way back into arcade gaming history, referencing early fighting games like Karate Champ (1984) and Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985)... which are essentially early inspirations for Capcom's Street Fighter (1). Following SF1's experimental arcade hardware and concept, and the success of Final Fight, Capcom reinvented the genre with the epic competitive hit, Street Fighter II.


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 Source:  strafefox   

Akiman, Akira Nishitani & John Tobias Talk Fighting Games in Netflix's High Score

Netflix's new series High Score retells the colorful history of video games, spanning the genre's major evolutions during the '80s and early '90s. In Episode 5, iconic Street Fighter 2  Director & Designer Akira Nishitani is joined by Akira "AKIMAN" Yasuda to talk about the humble beginnings of fighting games and the Street Fighter series.
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