POSTED:  Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 

(Nov. 18th, 2021)

Capcom Store Osaka Celebrates Grand Opening with a Life-size Ryu Shoryuken Statue


One year ago, Capcom celebrated their official merchandise store opening in Tokyo at PARCO Shibuya. Capcom Store Tokyo features a life-size Ryu statue throwing a Hadouken, which has become a popular spot for tourists and locals to take photos. This month, Capcom Store Osaka has officially opened at the Shinsaibashi PARCO mall and has an equally impressive life-size Ryu statue on display this one performing a Shoooooryuken! Below, take a look at some amazing photos of the life-size Ryu statue courtesy of Street Fighter V director, Takayuki Nakayama, who visited Capcom Store Osaka today (Nov. 17th, 2020).


Above is the original artist mockup for Capcom Store Osaka.
Below is the real-life version!



And for the Mega Man fans... check out these 3D pixel statues!
(No touching please.)


 Capcom Store Osaka Merchandise:
  •   Logo T-Shirt (Osaka)    3,500 yen 
  •   Main Visual (Shinkiro Art) T-Shirt    5,000 yen
  •   Clear File    500 yen 
  •   Postcard    500 yen
  •   Mini-Towel    500 yen 

Below, some sketches drawn by visitors for the grand opening.

Pictured below is the original Ryu Hadouken statue from Capcom Store Tokyo.

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 Source:  Takayuki Nakayama (Twitter)   

Capcom Store Tokyo Grand Opening Has Life Size Ryu Statue, Shinkiro Art Cookies & More

On November 22nd, 2019, Capcom celebrated the grand opening of their new official merch store in Tokyo. Sharing the same building as the Nintendo Tokyo Store and world famous Pokemon Center, Capcom Store Tokyo has officially opened for business at PARCO Shibuya. The immaculate location has some very interesting and CST exclusive items for sale and on display!
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