Tuesday, November 17th, 2020   

SFV: Champion Edition Cammy x Blaire Costume


Starting today, the next Street Fighter V: Champion Edition x Fighting EX Layer crossover costume becomes unlockable in the game's Extra Battle mode. Joining Ryu (as Kairi) and Karin (as Hokuto), Cammy now has her very own Fighting EX Layer crossover costume based on the blue-haired, high-kicking heroine, Blaire Dame. Below, check out four official screenshots of Cammy dressed as FEXL's Blaire. For quick reference, also take a look at the SFV: Champion Edition x Fighting EX Layer crossover costumes for Ryu and Karin Kanzaki.

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 Source:  Street Fighter (Twitter)   

Karin Kanzaki Gets Hokuto Costume in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

The "Capcom x Arika" collaboration continues in SFV: Champion Edition... Following Ryu's Kairi-inspired costume added to the game back in September, Capcom heroine Karin Kanzaki will now have a costume based on Hokuto from her most recent appearance in Fighting EX LayerSFV players will be able to unlock this costume for Karin starting Oct. 13th.
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