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Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in Development, SNK Devs put Ryu, Ken, and Goku in KOF '98


Polygon's deep dive into the history of Street Fighter is back for another edition: Capcom Vs. SNK: An Oral History. A return to the historical moment when Capcom and SNK's rivalry culminated into an epic crossover series unveils stunning new details straight from the mouths of Capcom / SNK designers and artists, revealing jaw-dropping facts and new details! "Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in development," Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno finally confirmed. SNK's Toyohisa Tanabe, who originally worked on several KOF games and later became a pixel art supervisor for Capcom Vs. SNK, revealed in Polygon's article that the KOF '98 dev-team had extra time after development of the game and created a new build featuring none other than Ryu, Ken, and even Goku as playable characters.


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As a fighting game connoisseur of 30+ years myself, I've never seen any official confirmation (until now) that Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in development. (There were rumors floating around in the late 00's, and there was the infamous CVS3 April Fools image of 2010... but no official word.) In Polygon's article, Hideaki Itsuno confirmed Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in development for PlayStation 2 and even evolved into a 3D game.

Polygon's new article not only covers the full evolution of the Capcom Vs. SNK series, but continues into the mid 2000's with Capcom and SNK developers shining new light on other mysterious canceled projects like Capcom Fighting All-Stars. Seth Killian and James Chen also weigh in on the impact of Capcom's best and worst fighting games from the era.

Hideaki Itsuno and several other Capcom devs have continually expressed interest in bringing back Capcom's classic IPs, including Rival Schools and Darkstalkers. In the article, Itsuno declared he would love to eventually make Capcom Vs. SNK 3. The dream is not dead! (On that note, there would be nothing wrong with politely letting Capcom know on Twitter that we all still want CVS3. In other words: Same drill as usual.)

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Street Fighter III: An Oral History (Polygon)

Veteran fighting game players surely remember the late 90's an incredible and highly competitive time in the genre. With the latest 3D fighting games like TEKKEN 3, Soul Blade, Virtua Fighter 3, and MK4 making waves in arcades and on home consoles, a 2D masterpiece and genre-defining fighting game had trouble building steam at launch. That game was SFIII. Polygon's latest article shines light on the history!
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