POSTED:  Friday, November 20th, 2020

(June 2022)

Rumor: Street Fighter 6, Power Stone Remake, and Final Fight Remake Revealed in Capcom Cyber-Attack Leak


Earlier this month, Capcom reported it was the victim of a cyber-attack which led to unauthorized access to its network and development schedule for the next four years. More recently, Capcom now says corporate, employee, and customer information may have been compromised in the attack. IGN reported new information about upcoming (unannounced) Capcom games and their release dates, which have leaked onto the internet. According to the leak, Capcom is planning Street Fighter 6 to release in 2022 (purportedly for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, XB1 & PC), followed by "Super" and "Ultra" editions in 2023 and 2024... with Power Stone Remake and Final Fight Remake also coming in 2024. So far, none of these projects have been confirmed by Capcom. 

(Nov. 2nd): "Capcom expressed its deepest regret for any inconvenience this may cause to its various stakeholders," Capcom wrote. "Further, it stated that at present there is no indication that any customer information was breached. This incident has not affected connections for playing the company's games online or access to its various websites."

According to IGN, this is the purported schedule of upcoming Capcom games.

 Upcoming Capcom Games in 2021-2024:
  •   Resident Evil Outbreak Q4 FY21
  •   Dragon's Dogma 2 Q2 FY22
  •   Street Fighter 6 Q3 FY22
  •   Rockman [Mega Man] Match Q3 FY22
  •   Resident Evil 4 Remake Q4 FY22
  •   Monster Hunter 6 Q2 FY23
  •   Biohazard Apocalypse Q3 FY23
  •   "SSF6" Q4 FY23
  •   Final Fight Remake Q2 FY24
  •   Power Stone Remake Q3 FY24
  •   Ultra SF6 Q4 FY24
  •   Resident Evil Hank [likely, "Hunk"] Q4 FY24

IGN claims their sources close to Capcom have said "many" titles on the above list are in fact "genuine"
but their sources were unable to verify all of them. 

On Nov. 2nd, Capcom reported the cyber-attack "destroyed and encrypted data" on their servers
with the criminal organization Ragnar Locker demanding a money ransom for the compromised information. Capcom is currently investigating the full scope of the theft, estimating that up to 350,000 pieces of stolen personal data (including customer and shareholder info) could have been leaked. Capcom also wants to reassure customers that online services, websites, and games are safe to access.

While its certainly unfortunate that Capcom was hit with such a massive data breach, it would be difficult at this point for Capcom fans not to become immediately stoked about many games on this list. However, as with any leak or rumor... it would be wise to wait for additional confirmation from more legit sources before getting too excited or promoting any of these unconfirmed titles.

[UPDATE] Street Fighter 6 was officially revealed by Capcom in June 2022 to an incredibly positive fan reception! Check TFG's related news articles below to catch up on all the news!


 Sources:  IGN (1)IGN (2)         TFG Twitter Post:  @Fighters_Gen

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