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Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Tarot Card Character Art by Hinanana, Full Gallery


In 2018, Capcom released a physical "Complete Edition" of Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection on PS4 via the e-Capcom Online Store in Japan containing goodies such as an artbook, framed SFV artwork by Bengus, collector's box, and a deck of physical 22 'Major Arcana' Tarot Cards. (*This was also an early hint that Rose would later be appearing in SFV.) Throughout 2021, Capcom has slowly released these ornate character-themed tarot cards in proper high-res digital quality on their Street Fighter social media pages. On July 8th, Capcom posted the final tarot card (featuring Menat and Rose) on Twitter, completing the full set of 22 cards, each one based on a real card from the Major Arcana tarot deck (+1 bonus card).

Without further ado, scroll down to see beautiful ultra crisp-quality character tarot cards featuring elaborate 2D designs drawn by Capcom artist, Hinanana, as well as a link to the full gallery. Additional commentary by Capcom about several cards also included.

"Ryu is The World. Balance and unity that
are ever-changing and movin

"Bringing evil to justice. That's Chun-Li's mantra, and makes her the perfect fit for The Justice card."

"Much like R.Mika, The Star tarot card represents hope, renewed power, and positivity."

"Cammy is The Empress, a fitting card to match her strength."

"The final tarot card in Rose's deck (above) is an original card unrelated to the Major Arcana."

  Click here for the Full Gallery 


Hinanana also created the stunning SFV:CE promotional artwork (below) featuring Chun-Li, Menat, Juri, and Ryu.

The complete art gallery of Tarot Cards by Hinanana can now be found on TFG profiles for SFV: Champion Edition and SF:30th Anniversary Collection. Thanks to Capcom and Hinanana for blessing us with such beautiful fighting game artwork.


 Sources:  Street Fighter (Twitter)          Related Tweets: @Fighters_Gen , #2

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