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Early Guilty Gear (1998) Character Concept Artwork, Prototype Screenshots


The first Guilty Gear fighting game originally released in Japan on PlayStation 1 in May 1998 and was in development for at least one-and-a-half years before launch. The project was developed by "Team Neo Blood," an Arc System Works production group lead by none other than series creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari. As most fighting game aficionados know, Guilty Gear and its characters take heavy inspiration and influence from other 2D fighting games like Street Fighter, Japanese manga such as Bastard!!, and Ishiwatari's adoration of 1970's and 1980's heavy metal. Several of Guilty Gear's iconic characters underwent some major design changes prior to the game's official release as seen in these remastered quality scans (circa 1997-1998) showing early character concepts and screenshots of an early prototype version. For a closer look, click any of the scans below to open the full-size image in a new window.

Early screenshots (above) show a prototype of the game with 2D character sprites resembling 3D models. Interestingly, the series would later master this visual technique in Xrd and STRIVE (in reverse) with 3D models resembling 2D sprites!

May's early design had her wielding a huge axe
instead of her trademark anchor.

Potemkin was originally going to wield a scythe (a weapon later to be used by Testament in Guilty Gear X) and underwent a wardrobe change. Also, Millia Rage had a completely different outfit and a pocket knife!?

A full Japanese-to-English translation of these scans would likely reveal even more information on the game's early development. On that note... *Additional details will be added to this article in the future. This character concept artwork is now available inside TFG's dedicated Guilty Gear profile / review where you can find additional art galleries.
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