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Street Fighter III Series Vinyl Soundtrack Collection Coming This November


The Street Fighter III series is widely known for its groundbreaking animation quality, highly technical gameplay, unforgettable art style, and memorable characters. Possibly one of the more underrated aspects about the SFIII trilogy are the incredible soundtracks, which as you may know, are different for all three games. Laced Records just announced a vinyl collection containing 72 tracks from the SFIII series spanning New Generation, 2nd Impact, and 3rd Strike. The full set containing 4 disks will retail for $80 USD and even features Hadouken-inspired vinyl disks! Scroll down for the full press release and additional details.


Capcom and Laced Records have teamed up to bring the music of the Street Fighter™ III and Street Fighter™ Alpha series to vinyl.
The Street Fighter™ III: The Collection four disc box set will include 72 tracks from Street Fighter III: New Generation, Street Fighter™ III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack, and Street Fighter™ III 3rd Strike: Fight For The Future.
Street Fighter III first hit arcades in 1997 with New Generation, retaining only Ryu and Ken while introducing an otherwise brand new cast of characters. The third and final iteration, 3rd Strike, is widely recognised as one of the greatest fighting games of all time, and generated perhaps the most indelible competitive moment in gaming, with Daigo’s comeback again Justin Wong aka “Evo Moment #37.”
Composers Hideki Okugawa and Yuki Iwai explored a range of high energy dance styles across the three titles, leaning most heavily on jazzy house, jungle and drum’n’bass — with some samba rhythms thrown in for good measure.
Tracks have been specially remastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto four audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g ‘Hadouken blue and white’ discs. These will be housed in individual spined sleeves, contained within a rigid board outer slipcase.
Original sleeve art is by comic book artist Andie Tong.


Street Fighter III: The Collection 
Capcom Sound Team
Product Information: 
– 72 tracks from three SFIII soundtracks (New Generation, 2nd Impact & 3rd Strike)
– Four 180g ‘Hadouken blue and white’ vinyl 
– Deluxe 3mm spined disc sleeves 
– Rigid board slip case
– Music by Hideki Okugawa and Yuki Iwai
November 2020


If you're not fond of the Hadouken vinyl disks, they also come in classic.


You can pre-order the SFIII Vinyl Collection over at Laced Records.

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 Source:  Laced records   

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