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Menat, known as "The Eyes of the Future", is an Egyptian fortune teller with mystical abilities. She first appears in Ed's Street Fighter V storyline where she warns Ed about his fate, and tells him that he and someone else ( Balrog) would come across hard times. After fighting Ed, Menat warns him once more about his fate before disappearing. She later meets Oro and tries to warn him about her predictions (which he already knew about). Afterwards, her crystal ball glows, showing M. Bison. She is confronted by lower ranked Shadaloo soldiers and Aprile. After she defeats them in annoyance, she warns them about Bison's fate before escaping. Menat is the apprentice of Rose, as she also wields Soul Power.
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Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition , SFV: Champion Edition


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Page Updated:  Apr. 15th, 2023

If SFV did anything right... it introduced the best walking animation ever in a fighting game, Menat's walking animation. Hard to make a case against Menat. Her animation is so charismatic, I could see her starring in her own side-scrolling video game... or something. ^o^ She's just great.

Veteran fans will recall Rose, Amakusa and Viola as the first fighting game characters to wield a magic crystal ball in battle. So while the "idea" isn't completely original, Menat's fluid "dancing" fighting style is a successful nod at past designs, while captivating all on her own with vibrantly larger-than-life animations. While a design like hers might fit more into a game like Darkstalkers or Skullgirls, her silly magical style nicely offers something very unique to Street Fighter... also adding some very interesting match-ups as well. (Abigail versus Menat, for example, is such a crazy 'concept' for a match-up... the fact that such a match-up exists is one of SFV's strongest areas.

Menat's animation is a notch (or two) above others in SFV. She's got some great-looking moves, and she herself is a very aesthetically pleasing design. She's not really my particular "type" of character meta... but I like her design a lot.

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