Tekken 8

TEKKEN 8 will take the series to new heights with breathtaking next-gen visuals and a deservingly higher budget than its wildly successful predecessor, TEKKEN 7. In addition to upgraded visuals harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5, TEKKEN 8 will feature a fully immersive story mode blending action with cinematics. Of course, returning fan-favorite fighters will receive a ton of upgrades, new moves, insane new combos, and more personality than they've ever shown before. TEKKEN 8 will be the first game in the entire series to launch first on consoles, NOT at arcades.

Azucena and the Peru stage look spectacular.

Character facial expressions and voiceovers have been completely redone in TEKKEN 8, providing a new level of polish and detail unrivaled by any prequel. In addition to a TON of new moves for returning characters, a variety of classic attacks have also been reworked, with new animations to boot, and retooled to compliment TEKKEN 8's new Heat system. A variety of new stages, including "wide open" stages with walls, are not only visually impressive but give TEKKEN 8 a fresh feel and experience. Wall Breaks and Floor Breaks will return with more cinematic stage transitions and new ways to incorporate them into combos and strategy.
"Aggressiveness" is a key word used to describe TEKKEN 8's updated pace and gameplay system. While core aspects of tried-and-true 3D game engine and moveset nuances from TEKKEN 7 will remain, TEKKEN 8's all new system mechanics are designed to make the game fun and immersive to watch as well as compete in for all levels of players. TEKKEN 8 introduces a new gameplay system called "Heat" promoting aggressiveness and offense in a variety of new ways. When characters activate Heat, they have access to new special techniques as well as powered-up versions of their trademark attacks. Techniques like Heat Smash and Heat Rush can be used to apply tremendous pressure on the opponent and extend combos with explosive damage and style.

Tekken 8's coliseum stage looks absolutely sick!

Regarding the continued storyline of the Mishima saga, Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada mentioned that Jun Kazama will play a prominent role and "focal point" in TEKKEN 8's storyline. This will be the first time Jun Kazama has appeared in a canonical TEKKEN installment since 1995's TEKKEN 2. Jun's affinity for animals, an important part of her design according to Harada, will also be portrayed in her intro animations and in the game's cinematic story mode. We'll be learning more about TEKKEN 8's story content soon...

Tekken 8 shines with insane particle effects using Unreal engine 5.

In addition to the incredibly detailed character models built from the ground up for TEKKEN 8 (not reusing any assets from the prequel), TEKKEN 8 will boast insanely flashy and impressive next-gen particle effects, realistic weather effects (like rain which will show up on characters' bodies), immersive stage animations and background destruction, and multiple versions of some stages set at different times of day.

Get ready for the next battle! 

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Page Updated: November 22nd, 2023
Developer(s): Bandai Namco
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco
Designer(s): Katsuhiro Harada     Chief Producer
Michael Murray
Platform(s): PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC
Release Date(s): January 26th, 2024
Characters Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, Lars Alexandersson, Jack-8, Nina Williams, Ling Xiaoyu, Leroy Smith, Asuka Kazama, Lili Rochefort, Hwoarang, Bryan Fury, Claudio Serafino, Raven, Azucena, Yoshimitsu, Steve Fox, Leo Kliesen, Sergei Dragunov, Kuma, Shaheen, Feng Wei, Panda, Lee Chaolan, Zafina, Alisa Bosconovitch, Devil Jin, Victor Chevalier, Reina
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First Impression:

Following the most successful modern installment to date, whose unprecedented competitive longevity broke all kinds of records (TEKKEN 7), TEKKEN 8 most definitely has big shoes to fill. TEKKEN 8 brings the most dramatic and drastic changes to the series in quite a long time. T8's Heat System alone will shake up the very foundation of TEKKEN's core gameplay, with exciting and frantic new elements that make T8 feel and look completely new.

After playing the TEKKEN 8 CNT and CBT (for 60+ hours), I can honestly say TEKKEN 8 feels great and is FAST-PACED! As someone who generally feels "less is more" when it comes to changing major things about TEKKEN's gameplay, the Heat System sold me on its compelling depth and what it adds to the gameplay. Returning characters are easily the most exciting, charismatic, and flashiest versions of themselves to date... so that's a win from the start. Thankfully, the huge movesets we've come to love and expect from TEKKEN are back (and each character has a TON of new moves and combo routes to master). Pro tip: Don't spam 10-20 of a character's moves. Learn their full moveset. You'll thank me later.

As a fan who has been playing the TEKKEN series since the very very beginning
ALL the way back when the original arcade / PS1 title was "new"... it's amazing and practically indescribable to have witnessed and experienced the epic evolution of TEKKEN's characters and gameplay mechanics. The series has come such a long way... and I feel very lucky to have been a fan and player of this series for "most of my life".

We can all think of certain video games that have impacted our lives in one way or another. Competing in countless TEKKEN tournaments since the TEKKEN 5 days, creating video content, and simply enjoying TEKKEN at a "high level" with friends is nothing short of bliss. TEKKEN is Life. TEKKEN has always been one of my all-time favorite fighting games to play long-term, for a variety of reasons. Bearing witness to the game's recent growth in popularity in the competitive arena, along with the distinct and dramatic evolution of the characters and gameplay systems, has been an absolute pleasure. I can't wait to play more TEKKEN 8!
~TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen

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