(Quarter 3 - 2019)

September 29th, 2019
Axl Low Confirmed for Guilty Gear 2020, May Gameplay Trailer

Tonight, Arc System Works shared May's official gameplay trailer for Guilty Gear 2020, giving fans the first glimpse of May's reimagined appearance and fighting style. Secondly, the end of May's trailer confirms the return of another series veteran, Axl Low. Arc System Works announced that the next Guilty Gear 2020 trailer will debut at SEA Major 2019 in Singapore (Oct. 12th-13th). 

September 28th, 2019
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ver. 2.0 Yumi Trailer, New Gameplay

Launching on November 21st, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Special Edition / 2.0 will add 9 playable characters to the 2D crossover's roster. Arc System Works posted some gameplay footage of one of the brand new characters coming to BBTAG in 2.0, Yumi from Senran Kagura. In addition to seeing the first gameplay of icy cold Yumi, take a look at over 1 hour of new gameplay featuring Blitztank, Akatsuki, Adachi, Celica, Susanoo, and others. 

September 26th, 2019
KOF: All Star Gets Alice in Wonderland Inspired Costumes for Vanessa, Iori Yagami, Yuri & Athena

The King of Fighters: All Star is a Netmarble developed RPG / beat-em-up title currently available in Japan & Korea for iOS / Android (and planned for release in North America & Europe later this year). While not a traditional fighting game, KOF: All Star packs a healthy dose of SNK fan service with a ton of playable characters and some amazing artwork. The latest KOF: All Star collaboration features new Alice in Wonderland inspired costumes for Iori, Vanessa, Yuri & Athena. 

September 26th, 2019
SFV: Arcade Edition Asura's Wrath Costume for Kage Available Tomorrow in Extra Battle

If you're a collector of crossover costumes in SFV: Arcade Edition, you might be interested in some new Asura-inspired threads for Kage. Kage will be getting a new costume based on the 12,000 year-old demigod and protagonist of Asura's Wrath, Asura himself. Capcom fans will remember the hard-hitting 2012 Capcom action title, Asura's Wrath, which also had DLC missions featuring Evil Ryu & Akuma. The Asura costume for Kage will be unlockable in Extra Battle starting Friday, Sept. 27th. 

September 25th, 2019
TEKKEN 7 Season 3 Will Not Have Guest Character, Says Michael Murray in Gamerhub Interview

TEKKEN 7 producer Michael Murray was featured in a new video interview with Shacknews / Gamerhub. The interview starts off with Murray talking about the first new character in TEKKEN 7 S3, Zafina. After running through Zafina's evolutions in T7, the interview continues with Murray talking about the series returning to "real martial arts" with the character Leroy Smith, the Wing Chun expert. Finally, Murray clarifies that the Season 3 roadmap does not include a guest character. 

September 23rd, 2019
Dragon Ball FighterZ SSB Gogeta Gameplay Trailer

Today, Bandai Namco uploaded a new gameplay trailer for the next DLC character arriving in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. The gameplay trailer is actually a full match featuring Gogeta, SSB Goku, & SSB Vegeta versus Broly, Cooler, & Janemba. SSB Gogeta becomes available this Thursday, September 26th. The FighterZ Pass 2 containing all 6 DLC characters can be purchased for $24.99 USD (currently on discount for $12.49 on PS4). 

September 22nd, 2019
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ver. 2.0 Adds Tohru Adachi, Celica A. Mercury, Elizabeth, Hilda & Susanoo on Nov. 21st

In addition to Akatsuki & Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, Yumi from Senran Kagura, and Neo Politan from RWBY, 5 new characters will be joining BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle "Version 2.0" on November 21st, 2019. Just hours ago, Arc System Works debuted a new trailer revealing the new (returning) fighters from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth. The Ver. 2.0 Expansion Pack becomes available November 21st for $24.99, adding 9 new DLC fighters to the roster.  

September 20th, 2019
Momiji and Transforming Ninja Costumes Now Available in DOA6

Tecmo Koei has released DLC character Momiji and new transforming ninja costumes for 26 cast members in DOA6; taunts or Break Blows instantly transform the costume. Tecmo Koei advertised Premium Tickets - which will now allow players to unlock individual costumes. Take a look at some high quality screenshots of Momiji and some of the transforming ninja costumes.

September 17th, 2019
Metera Announced for Granblue Fantasy Versus

At Tokyo Game Show 2019, Cygames and Arc System Works announced the newest character coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus. Check out the official reveal trailer for the stylish and seductive archer, Metera! Joining the launch roster, Metera is the 9th character from the series confirmed for GBVS. According to the official website, there will be 2 more characters joining the initial roster before the game releases in Japan on Feb. 6th, 2020. 

September 17th, 2019
Momiji Joins Dead or Alive 6 September 19th

The next DLC fighter has been announced for Dead or Alive 6, and it's another returning DOA5 character, Momiji. Koei Tecmo unveiled Momiji's character trailer at TGS '19, with the Ninja Gaiden heroine showing some of her new moves in DOA6. Additionally, Team Ninja announced new "transforming ninja costumes" which activate during taunts or Break Blows. Momiji joins the DOA6 roster on September 19th. 

September 13th, 2019
TGS '19 Guilty Gear Trailer Reveals New Gameplay, May Confirmed

Arc System Works debuted a new trailer at TGS '19 for the newly announced Guilty Gear planned for release next year. Similar to the announce trailer we saw last month at EVO, the latest Guilty Gear 2020 trailer once again shows off more of the game's gorgeous 2.5D graphics engine, with additional gameplay of Sol Badguy versus Ky Kiske. The dynamic camera angles, smooth animation, character details, and refreshed art style are looking incredible. The end of the trailer confirms May! 

September 12th, 2019
SNK Shows Off New Tokyo Game Show 2019 Swag

The Tokyo Game Show 2019 is officially underway this weekend! While we're all anticipating the latest gaming news, trailers and announcements, SNK kicked off the event by showing off fresh TGS 2019 merch on their official site / online store. Some of SNK's official TGS '19 items include: A variety of jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, art prints, acrylic stands, stickers/stamps, pins, buttons, and chibi plushies of Terry Bogard, Mars People, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. 

September 11th, 2019
Samurai Shodown's Shizumaru Available Sept. 16th, New Trailer

SNK announced Shizumaru Hisame will be joining Samurai Shodown (2019) on September 16th. Once again, Shizumaru is a free DLC character add-on if you picked up the first Season Pass for the game, and he will also come with his own stage. In addition to Shizumaru's release date announcement, SNK uploaded Shizumaru's official character trailer, providing a closer look at the Samurai Shodown III protagonist in action. 

September 10th, 2019
SNK Reveals Details on NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro, Includes 20 Classic Fighting Games Built-in, Console/Joystick Modes

Last week, SNK revealed their latest hardware, the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro. Today, SNK's official website posted their full press release on their new product, shedding some light on the arcade stick's features and layout. For one, it comes with 20 pre-installed fighting games (about half of the amount of games included with NEOGEO Mini). "Console Mode" allows the fightstick to connect to a TV via HDMI, and "Joystick Mode" will connect it to PC / NEOGEO Mini consoles. 

September 10th, 2019
2019 Halloween Stage and Costumes for Poison & E. Honda Coming to SFV: Arcade Edition on Sept. 17th

On Twitter, Capcom revealed a new Halloween stage for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, with the Union Station stage morphing into the "Union Graveyard", in addition to Halloween costumes for Poison & E. Honda. Poison's 2019 Halloween costume has her dress as a stylish 90's zombie chick, while E. Honda will appear as a mysterious mythological creature, the Japanese kappa. Both costumes and the 2019 Halloween stage become available next Tuesday, September 17th. 

September 5th, 2019
TEKKEN 7 Season 3 Arrives Sept. 10th, Patch Notes, Launch Trailer

Today, Bandai Namco dropped a new trailer for TEKKEN 7 Season 3 and released the full patch notes. Newly announced features include Play Stats, new pre-set slots for costumes on the Character Select screen, updated user interface, and more. TEKKEN players will definitely want to take a look at the Update 3.0 patch notes and balances changes coming in Season 3, with all characters receiving new moves, buffs/nerfs, etc. Season Pass 3 and Zafina become available on Sept. 10th. 

September 4th, 2019
Terry Bogard Announced for Smash Ultimate, Reveal Trailer

Today, Nintendo confirmed Terry Bogard as the next DLC guest character coming to Smash Ultimate. Terry's official trailer cleverly pays homage to classic NEOGEO game intros, with several other SNK characters humorously missing the opportunity to enter the Nintendo free-for-all party title. Inside TFG's article, check out Terry's Smash Ultimate reveal trailer, HD character artwork, and first gameplay footage! 

September 4th, 2019
SNK Announces NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro Hardware, World Championship Official Tournament Feat. SamSho & KOF14

SNK just announced (teased) their latest piece of hardware, the "NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro". Curiously, SNK didn't specify any details regarding this mysterious new product. As a continuation off of the NEOGEO Mini, the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro "Pro Gear Spec Advanced Entertainment System" possibly features built-in games of its own - or can be used with the NEOGEO Mini / other systems. Previously, SNK stated they are working on new NEOGEO platforms. 

September 2nd, 2019
Rapper T-Pain Cosplays TEKKEN 7's Leroy Smith at Dragon Con '19

New DLC characters and Season Passes can either make or break the future of a fighting game in this generation. In TEKKEN 7's case, the massively successful guest characters and newcomers have been consistently hype-inducing. Popular rapper, T-Pain, recently cosplayed the newest TEKKEN 7 character arriving in Season 3, Leroy Smith. We haven't even seen any gameplay footage of Leroy yet, but T-Pain has perfectly captured the Wing Chun expert as he appears in his official artwork. 

August 30th, 2019
Nintendo Switch Port of Samurai Shodown Coming This Winter with New Eisuke Ogura Box Artwork, SS!2 Pocket as Bonus

Back in June, Samurai Shodown (2019) made an impact on PS4 & XB1 as SNK's latest and sharpest 2D fighter - one with a lot of potential. The game's upcoming Nintendo Switch release (Dec. 12th in Japan) is likely to bring new players into the series, with easy inputs and simplified mechanics complimenting the style of Switch-style games. SNK's Yasuyuki Oda shared the official NS version box artwork, drawn by Eisuke Ogura of KOF series fame. As a bonus to those who pick it up at launch, the NeoGeo Pocket Color's Samurai Shodown !2

August 28th, 2019
Blade Strangers Free Update Adds 3 New Characters, Stages, Improved Graphics, Gameplay Patch

1 year ago today, Nicalis released their unique crossover 2D fighting game, Blade Strangers. To mark the game's first anniversary, Nicalis released a free update (available now on PS4, Steam & Switch). The major update adds 3 new fighters, higher-res graphics, and a variety of gameplay tweaks / balance changes. The three new characters are Aban Hawkins from 1001 Spikes, Piaa from Doki Doki Poyacchio, and a Summer version of Kawase. Each fighter has their own stage and BGM. 

August 28th, 2019
SFV: Arcade Edition E. Honda Official Concept Artwork

On Capcom's official SFV blog (CFN), director/designer Takayuki Nakayama recently shared some concept artwork of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's returning SF2 veteran, E. Honda. "Everyone loves Edmund Honda. Mr. Honda has many core fans in the development team. There is dignity. Now all the members of Street Fighter are now here!" said Nakayama. Take a look at some early development concept illustrations of E. Honda as he appears in SFV:AE

August 27th, 2019
The King of Fighters Celebrates 25th Anniversary

One of SNK's most defining and successful 2D fighting franchises turns 25 years old this year. The King of Fighters established itself in 1994 by bringing together teams of characters from SNK's other IPs such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors, Athena, and even SNK sports games. The "dream match" format has stayed true to its roots for 25 years, with groundbreaking sequels such as KOF '98 and KOF XIII. Enjoy a look back at some amazing illustrations and SNK history.  

August 26th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn Official Artwork / Render

It's been confirmed that Spawn is indeed going to look like Spawn in Mortal Kombat 11. The menacing anti-hero from the mind of Todd McFarlane will make his playable MK11 appearance on March 17th, 2020 as the final character of the game's first Kombat Pack. NetherRealm Studios and Ed Boon shared an official image of Spawn (inside article), giving us a good idea of how Spawn will look in the game. 

August 21st, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack Full Roster Revealed, Terminator, The Joker & Spawn Confirmed

Today, NetherRealm Studios officially revealed the remaining roster of Mortal Kombat 11's Kombat Pack. Check out the reveal trailer and first images of Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, Along with The Joker, and Spawn as the final DLC characters of MK11's Kombat Pack. (This confirms the leak we reported on back in April.) T-800 joins MK11 on October 8th, Sindel on November 26th, and Joker & Spawn will be added to the game in 2020. Stay tuned for further details! 

August 20th, 2019
Shadow Lady Chun-Li Appears in SFV: Arcade Edition, Desk Comparison Video w/ Her MVC Version

Without announcing anything, Capcom quietly added a new "boss" opponent to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Mode... Shadow Lady Chun-Li. Old school arcade fighting game players should remember Shadow Lady's appearance as a secret character in the first Marvel Vs. Capcom. Her SFV:AE version surprisingly retains many of her original MVC1 special moves (and cheapness). Desk uploaded a new video showing SFV's Shadow Lady compared with her original 1998 version

August 16th, 2019
Breakers Collection Coming to PC & Consoles in 2020

QUByte Interactive announced they will be bringing "Breakers Collection" to consoles and PC in 2020. The digital compilation will include 2 of Visco's cult-classic NeoNeo 2D fighting games: Breakers (1996) and Breakers Revenge (1998). The teaser trailer shows some new character art and upscaled original 2D sprite goodness in 1080p/60fps. Details are scarce at the moment, but it's likely this compilation will feature online play and be released on PS4, PC, Switch and Xbox One. 

August 15th, 2019
Power Stone Producer Says He'd Love to Make New Installment, Would Be Great Fit for Nintendo Switch

In an interview with The Guardian, Capcom producer Takeshi Tezuka discussed his work on the development of Capcom's unorthodox but not forgotten "free roaming" 3D fighting series, Power Stone. After reminiscing about Power Stone's development arcades and Dreamcast back in 1999, Tezuka stated, "I still get messages from fans about the game. People tweet requests to me to make another, which I'd love to do. It would be a particularly great fit for the Nintendo Switch." 

August 15th, 2019
SNK Announces Kuroko Themed Special Edition NeoGeo Mini

While we're awaiting Kuroko's playable appearance in Samurai Shodown (2019), SNK announced a brand new Special Edition Neo Geo Mini console. The fourth in the line of SamSho-themed consoles, the "Kuroko Edition" NeoGeo Mini is appropriately an "all-black" design based on the series iconic umpire. The Special Edition comes with an HDMI cable, 2 gamepads, and Kuroko themed accessories. The console also includes 7 unique games over .  

August 13th, 2019
Latest HD Screenshots of Samurai Shodown Season 1's Kazuki, Basara, Shizumaru & Wan-Fu

Samurai Shodown (2019)'s first Season Pass is set to reenergize SNK's weapon-based 2D fighting game later this year with new characters and stages. SNK recently shared some high-quality HD screenshots of Season 1's newcomers, including Kazuki Kazama, Shizumaru Hisame, Basara Kubigiri, and Wan-Fu. Several of the screens show the action taking place on upcoming new stages. Shizumaru will be added to the game this September, followed by Basara and Kazuki in October & November. 

August 11th, 2019
Daisuke Ishiwatari's Statement on the Direction of the New Guilty Gear

Earlier in the week, Guilty Gear director Daisuke Ishiwatari posted a statement on Twitter regarding the direction of the new Guilty Gear title set for release in 2020. "It is neither evolution nor returning to the roots of the series," he said. "What we're pursuing is a brand new experience"... "a full-frontal confrontation with the essence of the Fighting Game genre," Daisuke continued. Read Daisuke's full statement inside. 

August 10th, 2019
Soul Calibur VI Cassandra Official Character Artwork / Concepts

With Cassandra Alexandra's recent debut in Soul Calibur 6, Bandai Namco has shared Cassandra's official character illustration drawn by Takuji Kawano. In addition, take a look at official concepts of Cassandra's SC6 costume design. Announced at EVO '19 alongside Cassandra, Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru is the first guest character joining SC6 Season 2. On that note, we should be seeing some official SC6 Haohmaru artwork (and screenshots) in the not so distant future... 

August 9th, 2019
Jill Valentine Joins Capcom's Mobile Card Title, TEPPEN

There's no doubt that Jill Valentine is a favorite character among Resident Evil and Marvel Vs. Capcom fans alike. The iconic STARS Alpha Team heroine has joined Capcom's artistically rich iOS / Android card game, TEPPEN, in the latest update. Let's take a look at Jill's reveal trailer and some fantastic 2D artwork from TEPPEN. Old school fans will be happy to know that Jill is represented in her original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis form and attire. 

August 5th, 2019
Arc System Works Announces New Guilty Gear Coming in 2020

Legendary Guilty Gear series designer and composer Daisuke Ishiwatari took the stage at EVO 2019 last night immediately following TEKKEN 7's Season 3 announcement. After telling the crowd how much he enjoyed watching T7's grand finals and Season 3 trailer, Daisuke explained the main reason he was "absent" at last year's EVO... He and the team at Arc System Works have been working on a brand new Guilty Gear fighting game! Watch the debut trailer for the new Guilty Gear inside

August 4th, 2019
TEKKEN 7 Season 3 Announced at EVO '19, First New Characters are Zafina & Leroy, New Modes & Features

Following TEKKEN 7's grand finals at EVO 2019, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray went onstage to officially announce Season 3 of TEKKEN 7. The reveal trailer shows returning TEKKEN 6 veteran, Zafina, now wielding Azazel's power within her arm. Secondly, a brand new character, Leroy Smith, will bring the legendary martial art of Wing Chun to TEKKEN for the first time in history. Season 3 will also add new moves to every character, a new stage, and new features. 

August 4th, 2019
Samurai Shodown Season 2 Announced, Shizumaru & Mina Confirmed, First Gameplay of Basara, Wan-Fu & Kazuki

In addition to "officially" confirming The King of Fighters XV is in development, SNK dropped a new Samurai Shodown trailer at EVO '19. The trailer shows the first gameplay of DLC characters Basara, Kazuki, and Wan-Fu, and announces Shizumaru as a free DLC character coming this September. SNK's original DLC release schedule has changed, with a new character joining the roster for every remaining month in 2019! SNK confirmed Season 2, with Mina Majikina the first of 4 more DLC fighters! 

August 4th, 2019
Soul Calibur VI Season 2 Announced at EVO 2019, Cassandra and Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru Confirmed

Prior to the TEKKEN 7 finals at EVO 2019, Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo took the stage to announce Season 2 of Soul Calibur VI. Cassandra, the Athenian warring maiden, will be returning to the Stage of History on August 5, 2019. Decades in the making... old school fighting game fans' dreams are coming true with Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru joining the Soul Calibur VI roster in Season 2! Haohmaru will be joined by 3 additional (unannounced) characters in Season 2's lineup. 

August 4th, 2019
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle "Version 2.0" Adds Senran Kagura, Akatsuki Blitzkampf and RWBY Characters

After the conclusion of EVO 2019's BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle grand finals, Arc System Works announced a "Version 2.0" of the crossover anime fighting game. New characters joining the fray include Yumi from Senran Kagura, Akatsuki and Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, and Neo Politan from RWBY. The EVO '19 trailer shows the first gameplay of the new characters along with some new stage designs set to appear in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle "Version 2.0". 

August 3rd, 2019
Janemba and Gogeta (SSGSS) Announced For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Following the EVO 2019 grand finals of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works announced Janemba and Gogeta (Super Saiyan Blue) as the next DLC fighters for the title. In the reveal trailer, the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn looks as amazing and vibrant as you'd expect in DBFZ's gorgeous 2.5D graphics engine. Janemba becomes playable on August 8th, while Gogeta (SSGSS)'s release date has not yet been announced. 

August 3rd, 2019
Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[cl-r] Announced for Early 2020, Londrekia Trailer

After the UNIST finals at EVO 2019, French Bread officially announced an update to their flagship 2D fighter, Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[cl-r]. They also debuted a gameplay trailer for Londrekia, the first new character set to appear in the new version. Known as "The Frozen Fang of Eternity", Londrekia brings a wide variety of ice attacks to freeze opponents in their tracks. EXE Late[cl-r] will add "over 1000" balance changes and new moves for returning characters. 

August 3rd, 2019
Granblue Fantasy Versus Arrives February 6th, 2020, Features Co-op RPG Mode, 11 Launch Characters + 5 DLC Fighters

This morning, Cygames and Arc System Works announced some brand new details on their vibrant upcoming 2.5D fighter, Granblue Fantasy Versus. In addition to being a full-fledged fighting game with 11 characters at launch (and 5 confirmed DLC fighters via Season Pass), GBVS will feature a 2D side-scrolling "RPG mode" that you'll be able to play with local or online friends. RPG mode features a single-player campaign where you'll collect weapons and power-up your characters. 

August 2nd, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Nightwolf Gameplay Trailer

NetherRealm Studios dropped a new gameplay trailer for the next DLC character coming to Mortal Kombat 11, Nightwolf. Wielding his iconic tomahawk, bow & arrow, and a long knife, the returning MK3 veteran brings some familiar special moves and an updated, brutal new fighting style into MK11. Nightwolf's newest incarnation has him accompanied by bear and wolf spirits who appear with him prior to battle. They can also be used in gameplay, in addition to the spirit of a hawk. 

July 31st, 2019
E. Honda, Poison & Lucia Announced for SFV: Arcade Edition

Late this evening, an EVO 2019 announcement was leaked before the weekend even got here... as 3 new characters were confirmed for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Capcom decided to just roll with the punches and drop the trailer early, officially announcing E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia for SFV: Arcade Edition. Each character will have 4-5 costumes each. E. Honda's classic SF2 stage "Honda Sento" will also be added to SFV:AE. All of the new content becomes available August 4th-5th.  

July 30th, 2019
EVO 2019 Stream / Tournament Schedule, Commentators Lineup

It's officially "EVO week" and the hype meter couldn't be more stocked for the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. Evolution Championship Series 2019 is all set to make history at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this weekend, August 2nd-4th. The official stream schedule and tournament schedule has been posted, so you can make sure that you don't miss your favorite games and players. The complete commentators lineup was also released. 

July 27th, 2019
PlayStation an Official EVO 2019 Partner, Sony to Make Announcement

Earlier this week, EVO's Twitter announced they will be partnering with PlayStation this year for EVO '19! With 8 out of the 9 main event titles being run on PS4, Sony is taking the opportunity to bring some exciting news to EVO 2019. The announcement tweet mentioned, "Stay tuned for more news from PlayStation at EVO." From a fighting game player's perspective, this definitely stirs up excitement for potential "big news" from this year's EVO. Early speculations inside: 

July 26th, 2019
Granblue Fantasy Versus New Character Reveal Trailer for Percival

"The Lord of Flame Has Come." Percival is the newest character to be announced for Granblue Fantasy Versus... and he... looks... awesome.  The latest Arc System Works Granblue VS character reveal trailer opens with a hot soundtrack, and demonstrates what this intense flame-wielding swordsman can do. The new trailer is only 1 minute long, but reminds me how much I want to play Granblue Fantasy Versus again. Also take a look at Percival's official artwork/bio. 

July 25th, 2019
The King of Fighters X TEKKEN Crossover Announced in KOF: All Star, Along with "Female" Yashiro, Billy Kane & Chang

While Geese Howard is one of TEKKEN 7's most badass guest characters, the crossover continues in SNK's successful mobile title, King of Fighters: All Star. Netmarble and SNK announced that Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, and Jin Kazama will become playable characters in KOF: All Star (coming West later this year). While no gameplay of the Mishimas has been revealed yet, check out official character illustrations for the Mishima family, along with "female" versions of Chang, Billy & Yashiro! 

July 25th, 2019
Desk's Masterful Street Fighter Alpha Combo Video Using 2 Arcade Sticks and 2 Shotos 

If there's such a thing as "combo poetry"... Desk is a legend of the rare but highly respected art form. It's all about Ansatsuken Karate in Desk's latest Street Fighter Alpha combo video, and it's a skillful demonstration of mental/hand precision... as Master Desk 'dual wields' 2 arcade sticks simultaneously to perform crazy Ryu & Ken combos against big boss M. Bison in Street Fighter Alpha's Dramatic Battle (VS CPU) Mode. Yeah, it's a must watch:

July 24th, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 Brings the Beach Back in Season 2, 1.08 Patch Notes

Summer-themed DLC content is on the way to Dead or Alive 6... Swimsuits, bikinis, more bikinis, and a new beach stage called "Seaside Eden". Tecmo Koei has announced Season 2 Pass, now available for $79.99 (digital only), which includes the new stage, 26 beach costumes, Vacation to Paradise music tracks, along with additional costumes for Marie Rose & Honoka. New DLC costume sets are also planned for Aug /Sept 2019. Also, 1 new character will be released this September. 

July 20th, 2019
TEKKEN 7 Celebrates 4 Million Copies Sold Worldwide with New Art

Today, Bandai Namco and Katsuhiro Harada announced that TEKKEN 7 has sold 4 million copies worldwide since its June '17 release on consoles. The arcade version of TEKKEN 7 launched in Japan in 2015, which originally helped fund the console release. Now one of the best selling and most competitively successful installments to date, TEKKEN 7 has far exceeded expectations. To celebrate the occasion, Namco released an updated version of Takuji Kawano's " Celebration" artwork. 

July 19th, 2019
Mike Tyson Tells ESPN He "Had No Idea" About Balrog in SF2

American boxing legend Mike Tyson recently made an appearance on ESPN's eSports show. After Tyson goes a few rounds in Mario Kart 8, ESPN's Arda Ocal brings up the topic of Balrog. Arda asks Tyson if he knows the history behind Balrog's name being changed from "M. Bison" in the original Japanese version of Street Fighter 2. To Arda's question, Tyson replied "No, I had no idea.". >_> Wait a sec... Balrog's existence eluded Mike Tyson for the past 28 years?!? 

July 17th, 2019
Fighting EX Layer Updated to Ver. 1.3.0, Area Released, Patch Notes

Today, Arika is rolling out their 1.3.0 patch for Fighting EX Layer on PS4 and Steam. The update adds the final announced DLC character Area to the roster, along with a new Online Spectator Mode, improvements to netplay matches, game balancing and bug fixes. Additionally, Arika posted some new Area gameplay on their YouTube channel along with some new screenshots via Twitter. 

July 16th, 2019
World Heroes Perfect Hanzou Hattori Figure by Storm Collectibles

Storm Collectibles has become known for making some of the best fighting game figures to date. As they are officially licensed with Capcom, SNK, Bandai Namco, SEGA and WB Games... Storm Collectibles already released amazing figures for Street Fighter, TEKKEN, Mortal Kombat, and King of Fighters. One thing you don't hear about every day is a World Heroes figure. Storm Collectibles announced a Hattori Hanzou figure set to be released in Q4 2019. 

July 13th, 2019
The King of Fighters: A New Beginning Coming to North America in 2020

A vibrant manga based on The King of Fighters XIV, titled The King of Fighters: A New Beginning, was released in Japan this past January. At Anime Fest 2019, the manga's publisher Seven Seas announced that the first volume of The King of Fighters: A New Beginning will be headed to North America in January 2020. So far there are three volumes of the manga. If you follow TFG on Instagram, you've already seen some of the great artwork from the manga. Open the article for more! 

July 12th, 2019 
Fighters Generation Teespring Store Now Live

TFG Webmaster here... As always, thank you for visiting FightersGeneration.com for your fighting game needs and entertainment. I'm proud to announce that TFG's brand new Teespring Store has officially launched! You can now pick up some brand new, exclusive Fighters Generation merch and support your favorite fighting game website! I'll be creating a variety of FGC / fighting game t-shirt and accessory designs in the months to come. Until then, check out my first design of 2019! 

July 8th, 2019
First Look at Sindel and Nightwolf in Mortal Kombat 11

Today on Twitter, Ed Boon posted a dark teaser image of one of Mortal Kombat 11's upcoming returning fighters... Sindel. The MK3 sorceress appears to be in her undead "Revenant" form in the shady teaser teaser image - accompanied with the text "7 deadly Sindels". Other than that, no other details were shared. Additionally, take a look at the Nightwolf teaser from 2 weeks back. Mortal Kombat 11's first Kombat Pack will include 5 upcoming DLC characters. 

July 8th, 2019
Sega Dreamcast Documentary with 8 Influential Developers

Believe it or not, 2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of Sega Dreamcast. The Archipel team posted a 2-episode YouTube documentary reflecting on the history of Dreamcast with 8 of the system's most influential developers. On Dreamcast's launch day (9-9-99), the console port of Soul Calibur revolutionized console fighting games and was one of the system's all-time greatest hits. At 39:57 in the first video, Hiroaki Yotoriyama talks a little bit about the development of Soul Calibur

July 5th, 2019
Capcom Releases New Smartphone Card Game "Teppen"

No, not TEKKEN... Teppen. It's Capcom's brand new card game for smartphones and is now available on both iOS and Android. Comparable to titles like Hearthstone, Teppen is a real-time card battle game featuring a variety of well-known Capcom characters, such as: Ryu, Chun-Li, Morrigan, Dante, Mega Man, Wesker, Monster Hunter dragons, etc. For a better visual of what this title offers, check out Capcom's official announcement trailers and Core Card Pack preview trailer. 

July 1st, 2019
Fighting Game Deals in Steam's Summer Sale 2019

It's Summer and it's probably too hot outside... a perfect time to stay indoors with cold AC and get good at fighting games. Steam's Summer Sale 2019 is now live (through July 9th) and you might be interested in some of these very attractive fighting game discounts. If you're looking to improve your PC fighting game collection, now's the perfect time to stock up. For your convenience, here's a list of some of the best fighting game deals on Steam! 
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