Monday, September 2nd, 2019  

Rapper T-Pain Cosplays TEKKEN 7's Leroy Smith at Dragon Con 2019


New DLC characters and Season Passes can either make or break the future of a fighting game in this generation. In TEKKEN 7's case, the massively successful post-launch guest characters and newcomers have been consistently hype-inducing and have contributed to the game's competitive domination over the past 4 years. Bandai Namco aims to keep the trend going with the announcement of Season 3 at EVO 2019 last month. This past weekend, popular rapper T-Pain cosplayed the newest TEKKEN 7 character set to arrive in Season 3, Leroy Smith. Bandai Namco hasn't even released any gameplay footage of Leroy yet, but even so, T-Pain has perfectly captured the New York Wing Chun expert as he appears in his TEKKEN 7 official artwork.

Below, another shot of fighting game enthusiast / WWE superstar, Xavier Woods, with T-Pain as Leroy Smith from Dragon Con 2019.

There's even a dance video (click the image below to watch it). I'm not sure if Bandai Namco will make this one of Leroy's win animations, but either way... it's all pretty hype for a fighting game DLC character who isn't even released yet.

  Stay right here on for TEKKEN 7 Season 3 news.

Sources:  T-Pain (Instagram)TEKKEN Emperor (Twitter)
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