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TEKKEN 7 Season 3 Announced at EVO 2019, First New Characters are Zafina & Leroy


Following TEKKEN 7's grand finals at EVO 2019, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray went onstage to officially announce Season 3 of TEKKEN 7. The reveal trailer shows returning TEKKEN 6 veteran, Zafina, now wielding Azazel's power within her arm. Secondly, a brand new character, Leroy Smith, will bring the legendary martial art of Wing Chun to TEKKEN for the first time in history. Season 3 will also add new moves for every character, a new stage, and new features including: Play Stats Display, Expanded Practice Mode, updated UI, and My Replay mode. Watch the EVO 2019 trailer below!

Here's an early look at the TEKKEN 7 Season 3 roadmap. In addition to Season Pass 3's major new content, a variety of free updates will be coming to the game.

[UPDATE]  Worth mentioning:  A "teaser" (AKA bad joke) occurred during the EVO 2019 Top 8 for TEKKEN 7. During a break while players were setting up for the next match, a "Metal Gear sound effect" was heard through the main stage speakers by the audience and on stream. Immediately afterwards, the voice of David Hayter (the voice actor for Solid Snake) was heard saying, "That was some good ass Tekken." 

However, only the audience in attendance at the Mandalay Bay arena could fully hear the audio and see the main stage screen - which displayed a Metal Gear-style dialogue overlay featuring Harada-san and Solid Snake. (Click the image below to view the video on Twitter.)

Before you get excited... the official EVO Twitter had this to say (hours later) about the confusing moment.

But why, EVO? That was a cruel (and really not funny) way to get TEKKEN fans excited for an announcement. Fun Fact: 250,000+ people were watching the TEKKEN 7 finals live at that time. On Twitter, Katsuhiro Harada also confirmed that Bandai Namco was not consulted about the Metal Gear teaser. That said, Bandai Namco isn't exactly "happy" with EVO for the unauthorized promotion. According to Harada, this is the "first time" something like this has happened at an event. Additionally, David Hayter himself responded to EVO on Twitter:

Yikes. Many fans thought this was a legit teaser by Bandai Namco, possibly even after the fact... as Harada himself was trolling quite a bit on Twitter, and humorously onstage at EVO '19, stating "there is no TEKKEN 7 announcement" before actually making the announcement. This only added to the confusion (and hype). In short, EVO 2019 was a great event, but ended on a sour note thanks to some cruel humor.


On the bright side, we'll learn more about Season 3's characters at upcoming TEKKEN World Tour 2019 events. Stay tuned on for upcoming TEKKEN 7 Season 3 news.

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