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March 30th, 2019
Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection Announced, Features 6 Classic Games with Online Play

In collaboration with Digital Eclipse, SNK announced a "Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection" coming to PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One. The compilation will include Samurai Shodown, Samurai Shodown 2, Samurai Shodown 3: Blades of Blood, Samurai Shodown 4: Amakusa's Revenge, Samurai Shodown 5 and SS5 Special. ALL featured games will be playable online and offline, with both English and Japanese versions available. 

March 26th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Story Trailer Confirms Jax Briggs, Kung Lau & Liu Kang as Playable Characters

NetherRealm Studios uploaded the third official story trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. Over 2 minutes long, the "Old Skool Vs. New Skool" trailer highlights more of the epic action fans can expect out of MK11's cinematic story mode. The latest trailer also confirms returning veterans Jax Briggs, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao as playable characters. Kitana also makes a brief appearance in the trailer (hinting at her impending reveal), but only the aforementioned fighters have been confirmed thus far. 

March 25th, 2019 
Samurai Shodown PAX East 2019 Screenshots, HD Character Renders

Take a closer look at some of Samurai Shodown's returning veterans in these HD character renders and new screenshots from PAX East 2019. Additionally, we have some brand new details about the upcoming title, including an updated release date window. The new Samurai Shodown releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2019, while the PC and Nintendo Switch versions will arrive later in Q4 2019. 

March 25th, 2019
Samurai Shodown PAX East 2019 Trailer, Gameplay Footage

SNK uploaded the third official gameplay trailer for the new Samurai Shodown, ahead of its playable appearance at PAX East 2019. The latest trailer confirms a slew of returning veterans, including: Genjuro Kibagami, Charlotte Colde, Hattori Hanzo, Shiki, Kyoshiro Senryo, Tam Tam, and Yoshitora Tokugawa. The 1-minute trailer also briefly shows new footage of several new stages. Better yet, we've got over 1 hour of raw gameplay footage from PAX East 2019! 

March 23rd, 2019
Fighting EX Layer Terry Bogard & Sharon Gameplay Trailers, Both DLC Fighters Now Available

Arika posted new Fighting EX Layer gameplay trailers for the latest DLC characters for the game, Terry Bogard and Sharon. Both characters are now available in FEXL following the version 1.2.0 patch. While Sharon is a free DLC character, Terry Bogard is available for $4.99 as FEXL's first paid DLC fighter. After watching the new trailers, you can also read up on Arika's backstories for both Terry and Sharon. 

March 22nd, 2019
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Reprises His Role as Shang Tsung in MK11, Noob Saibot Revealed

It's been confirmed that the actor who played Shang Tsung in the original Mortal Kombat live-action movie, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, will reprise his role as the shape-shifting sorcerer once again in Mortal Kombat 11. Not only will Shang Tsung be the first playable DLC character in MK11, he'll also be your guide in MK11's "Krypt" mode. Check out a new trailer highlighting Shang Tsung and The Krypt. Additionally, NRS revealed Noob Saibot as part of MK11's base roster.

March 21st, 2019
Amy Sorel Joins Soul Calibur VI on March 26th

Last month, Amy Sorel was revealed as the first classic character coming to Soul Calibur 6 by the way of DLC. Bandai Namco officially confirmed Amy's release date as March 26th, 2019, and shared some new screenshots showing Amy's classic Soul Calibur 4 costume - which will be available in Soul Calibur 6. The upcoming ver 1.30 update for Soul Calibur VI will also add Amy's customization parts to Creation Mode. 

March 20th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Kotal Kahn Reveal Trailer

During today's Kombat Kast, NetherRealm Studios dropped a Mortal Kombat 11 reveal trailer for returning MKX character, Kotal Kahn. The new gameplay trailer has Jacqui Briggs and Kotal Kahn fight it out in brutal fashion, providing an early look at both characters' movesets. "Determined to keep order, the Emperor of Outworld, Kotal Khan, wrestles with the temptation to exercise the same brutal tactics as his predecessors." 

March 19th, 2019
Project Soul Responds to Soul Calibur 6 Community Questions

During EVO Japan 2019, Bandai Namco held a "Project Soul Talk" event where fans asked a variety of questions regarding the development of Soul Calibur 6 and future updates to the game. In a new blog on Bandai Namco's official site, the SC6 dev-team answered a total of 50 questions from the Soul Calibur community. The questions cover a wide variety of topics, including: DLC updates, gameplay questions, in-game frame data, online mode, character creation, and more. 

March 19th, 2019
Dragon Ball FighterZ Adding "Kid Goku" from Dragon Ball GT

We all know there aren't nearly enough characters named "Goku" in Dragon Ball FighterZ, so Arc System Works is filling the void by adding "Kid Goku" from Dragon Ball GT. The confirmation of Kid Goku comes from a scan out of V-Jump magazine, showing the first artwork & screenshots of the upcoming DLC character. Armed with his iconic "Power Pole," Kid Goku will have access to his "Super Kamehameha" and "Reverse Kamehameha" special moves, along with his "Super Ultimate Spirit Bomb" Meteor Attack. 

March 19th, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 Happy Wedding Costumes DLC Video

Koei Tecmo recently released a short video previewing the first Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass content, the Happy Wedding costume pack (now available). The first costume DLC pack contains 13 wedding costumes for 13 characters in the game. Koei Tecmo reminded fans that more costume packs are on the way, along with 2 upcoming DLC characters from The King of Fighters XIV

March 16th, 2019
SFV: Arcade Edition Adds "Field of Fate" Stage, an Homage to SFA2 

One thing Street Fighter V has consistently done right is remaking and reintroducing "classic" stages from the franchise's history. The latest reimagined stage coming to SFV: Arcade Edition, "Field of Fate", should be one that every old school Street Fighter player will immediately recognize. Not only did this stage appear in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a story battle / boss stage (and briefly in the intro); it's also an iconic location from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

March 15th, 2019
DOA6 Core Fighters Now Available Free-to-Play

After releasing Dead or Alive 6 two weeks ago, Koei Tecmo has rolled out the free-to-play "Core Fighters" version of the game. DOA6: Core Fighters includes 4 playable characters: Kasumi, Hitomi, Diego and Bass. Available modes in the free version include Fight, Training, DOA Quest, DOA Central, and Online. Additional characters and Story Mode are sold separately. Check out Koei Tecmo's official trailer for DOA6: Core Fighters

March 13th, 2019
TEKKEN World Tour 2019 Announcement Trailer

It's (still) official... it's never been a better time to be a TEKKEN player. Going strong in its fourth year, TEKKEN 7 has proven to be a fighting game that stands the test of time. Players who have stayed dedicated to mastering the game over the years will continue to reap the benefits in 2019 with the exciting announcement of TEKKEN World Tour 2019. With over $185,000 in prize money, new tournament categories (Master+ and Dojo), new & returning tour locations... 

March 12th, 2019
Street Fighter X UNIQLO UT Collaboration T-Shirts Announced

Capcom announced a Street Fighter collaboration with Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer, UNIQLO. The collaboration will bring 12 graphic T-Shirt designs featuring iconic characters from Street Fighter II and Street Fighter V. To celebrate the collab, Capcom released some really cool promotional art featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Vega, Zangief and E. Honda. Check out the artwork in TFG's article, along with some of the T-Shirt designs. 

March 9th, 2019
New Granblue Fantasy Versus Trailer Introduces Playable Character, Lowain

Back in December 2018, Granblue Fantasy Versus was announced as Arc System Works' next 2.5D fighting game. The second trailer was uploaded this morning, confirming playable character Lowain, who is accompanied by his comrades Elsam and Tomoi. Set in the same universe as Cygames' popular Japanese mobile game, Granblue Fantasy, GF Versus is planned for a worldwide release on PlayStation 4 in 2019. 

March 6th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Story Trailer Reveals Erron Black, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and Kotal Kahn

Today, NetherRealm Studios released the second story trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. "Allies, past and present, will be called upon to protect the Realms from Kronika." The trailer begins with Kronika setting up the time-shifting plot, with characters new and old making their appearances in a "new era" of Mortal Kombat. Returning MK11 characters Erron Black, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and Kotal Kahn are revealed in the trailer, some of them even appearing in actual gameplay. 

February 28th, 2019
TEKKEN 7 Ver 2.20 Now Available Worldwide, Adds Julia, Negan, 4 New Stages & Other Enhancements

Bandai Namco has released the Version 2.20 update for TEKKEN 7, which includes playable characters Julia Chang & Negan, 4 new stages, new customization items, and gallery illustrations. New Stages include: Jungle Outpost 2, Twilight Conflict 2, Infinite Azure 2, and Last Day on Earth. In addition, the new "Simple Select" feature has been added, which allows you to quickly change your character in VS Battles & Practice Mode. 

February 27th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage Reveal Trailer

Heeere's Johnny! NetherRealm Studios has announced Johnny Cage for Mortal Kombat 11, in what might be the best reveal trailer for the game to date. The 3-minute gameplay trailer runs through a wide variety of attacks and special moves from Cage's new moveset. The movie star's martial arts moves and classic green projectiles look impressively impactful, and the "comical" aspect of Johnny's MK11 incarnation is more vibrant than ever. 

February 26th, 2019
Samurai Shodown (2019) Second Official Trailer

SNK has released the second official gameplay trailer for Samurai Shodown 2019, one of the main stage games at EVO 2019! The new trailer is a bit shorter than diehard fans might've hoped, but shows nearly a minute of new gameplay featuring Haohmaru, Galford, Jubei Yagyu, Earthquake and Nakoruru. SNK reaffirmed an "Early Summer 2019" release window and announced the title will be playable at PAX East 2019. 

February 26th, 2019
EVO 2019 Main Stage Games Lineup Announced

The iconic Evolution Championship Series will be back this year at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas August 2-4, 2019. Nine main stage games have officially been announced: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, TEKKEN 7, Soul Calibur 6, Samurai Shodown (2019), Mortal Kombat 11, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st], and Smash Bros Ultimate. Mr. Wizard and Markman mentioned that side games will also get plenty of spotlight at EVO 2019. 

February 25th, 2019
Capcom Pro Tour 2019 DLC Revealed for SFV: Arcade Edition

Today, Capcom released a trailer revealing a new Capcom Pro Tour '19 stage and DLC costumes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Following 2016's Ring of Destiny, 2017's Ring of Pride, and 2018's Ring of Power, the fourth annual CPT stage for 2019 is called Ring of Justice - based on Metro City from Final Fight (complete with plenty of character cameos). Sagat & Kage's CPT '19 costumes cost $5.99 each, and like past CPT DLC packs, a portion of the proceeds go towards Capcom Cup '19’s prize pool. 

February 21st, 2019
Mega Man & Roll Costumes Coming to SFV: Arcade Edition

After showing a new Warzard-inspired Leo costume for Alex coming to SFV: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Mode next month, Capcom released a trailer for two more upcoming crossover costumes. Ryu will become Mega Man, complete with a Hadouken-shooting buster cannon, and Sakura will cosplay as Roll Caskett. Additionally, Zangief will be getting a new masked version called "The Gief". A new "Robot Bundle" of mech-themed DLC costumes will also become available soon. 

February 21st, 2019
Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack Arrives May 17th on Nintendo Switch, Limited Edition Items Announced

Arc System Works announced May 17th, 2019 as the release date for "Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack" - a compilation for the Nintendo Switch containing ports of the original Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R. The Anniversary Pack comes as a physical-disc version only, but both games will also be available for purchase digitally on Switch (also releasing May 17th). The Day One Edition even comes with 2 Limited Edition items. 

February 20th, 2019
Alex Getting Red Earth-inspired Leo Costume in SFV: Arcade Edition

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has seen numerous crossover costumes from other iconic Capcom series, such as: Cyberbots, Megaman, Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, Ghosts N' Goblins... and now, Red Earth / Warzard. The new "Leo" crossover costume for Alex will be unlockable in Extra Battle Mode beginning March 15th, 2019. Like past crossover costumes, players will need to unlock 1 "piece" of the costume each week. Capcom posted a short preview video of Alex's Leo costume on Twitter. 

February 19th, 2019
Soul Calibur VI Ver 1.20 Official Patch Notes

Today, Bandai Namco rolled out version 1.20 of Soul Calibur VI, downloadable now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC3 Creation Parts Set A: "Armor Pack 1" along with improvements to matchmaking, a new weapon select option on the character selection screen, gameplay adjustments, and updates to Libra of Soul mode. The full patch notes in their entirety can be viewed inside the article. 

February 17th, 2019
SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Hits Steam Feb. 21st

The spiritual successor of 2000's SNK Gals Fighters will finally arrive on PC via Steam this Thursday, February 21st (Feb. 22nd in Japan). Since the game's release last September on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, SNK has released 4 DLC fighters into the mix: Jeanne D'Arc, Miss X, Skullomania, and Thief Arthur. Pricing details on the Steam version are still unconfirmed (as the game's Steam page is not yet live) but we'll keep you updated.

February 17th, 2019
Julia Chang and Negan Join TEKKEN 7 on February 28th

At EVO Japan '19, Bandai Namco's Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took the stage to unveil a new gameplay trailer for Julia Chang and Negan. The final two characters of TEKKEN 7 Season 2 will join the game next Thursday, Feb. 28th. In addition, Julia's trailer showed off new alternate versions of stages, which TEKKEN 7 vanilla players might recognize. More details on the new stages will be confirmed soon. The end of the trailer even contains a must-see cameo by Harada-san himself!

February 16th, 2019
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Adds 4 New Characters: Heart Aino, Teddie, Seth & Naoto Kurogane

It was announced at EVO Japan that BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be getting 4 new characters! The fifth "fate" and new crossover is Arcana Heart, with Heart Aino the first from the series making the jump to BBTAG's roster. Teddie from Persona 4 Arena, Seth from Under Night In-Birth, and Naoto Kurogane from BlazBlue: Central Fiction will also join the roster. Check out the reveal trailer for the 4 new challengers, along with some new official artwork. 

February 16th, 2019
Amy Sorel Announced for Soul Calibur VI, Customize Parts (DLC3) Arriving February 19th

On stage at EVO Japan 2019, Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo announced the next DLC character for the game, Amy Sorel. Amy will have her own story in Soul Chronicle mode and her clothing items will be made available in Customize mode. Check out Amy's reveal trailer and first HD screenshots. Additionally, Bandai Namco confirmed the release date for the next Creation Parts update (DLC3) - February 19th, 2019. This update will include 67 new pieces of customization equipment. 

February 16th, 2019
Mai Shiranui and Another King of Fighters XIV Character Headed to Dead or Alive 6, Deluxe Demo Announced

At EVO Japan '19, Tecmo Koei confirmed the return of Mai Shiranui as a guest character for Dead or Alive 6. Mai will be joined by yet another (unannounced) character from The King of Fighters XIV. Also announced was a DOA6 "Deluxe Demo" exclusive for PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Gold subscribers starting Feb. 22nd. The DOA6 Deluxe Demo will feature 24 playable characters, Online Ranked/Lobby, Training, Tutorial, Command Training, Combo Challenge, and an intro to Story Mode. 

February 15th, 2019
Jade Confirmed for Mortal Kombat 11

NetherRealm Studios just revealed the latest returning character to Mortal Kombat 11, Jade. Armed with her iconic Bo Staff, Jade serves the Netherrealm as an undead Revenant resurrected by an evil sorcerer. Jade's 2-minute reveal trailer highlights her ultra-violent moveset and one of her Fatalities. In addition to getting a few of her classic moves back, Jade has plenty of brand new techniques to show off in MK11

February 14th, 2019
Hi Score Girl is a Love Letter to 90's Fighting Game Players

First off, I'm not the typical person who recommends anime. Back in my younger days, I used to watch a lot more anim. The last "modern" anime I really enjoyed (and couldn't get enough of) was One Punch Man (patiently waiting for Season 2). In general, I spend much more of my time trying to get better at fighting games over watching TV or movies. However, as a fighting game enthusiast for 30+ years, I'm here to recommend to you an anime called Hi Score Girl

February 11th, 2019
The History of Street Fighter: The Movie (The Game), The Video!

YouTuber "Matt McMuscles" has a new video out that covers the entire history of Street Fighter: The Movie (The Game). From how the live-action movie itself came to be, to the infamously bad gameplay and copy-paste digitized graphics of the game, this video is packed with newly revealed fun facts and fighting game history. The 23-minute "What Happened?" episode uncovers the history behind the game's developer, Incredible Technologies, the team who made Time Killers and BloodStorm

February 10th, 2019
Final Fight Developers Interview from Capcom Shadaloo C.R.I.

Capcom's "Shadaloo Combat Research Institute" official website posted a new interview all about the iconic 2D beat-em-up title, Final Fight, featuring legendary Capcom developers: Akira Yasuda (Akiman), Akira Nishitani, SY, and Nissui. Originally considered a "sequel" to the Street Fighter 1 (with the early title of Street Fighter '89), Final Fight made a tremendous impact on not only the Street Fighter universe but video games as a whole. 

February 7th, 2019
BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works has officially launched BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition on Nintendo Switch in North America (releasing in Europe tomorrow). BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition features all DLC and modes from the current PlayStation 4 and PC versions. To celebrate the launch, Arc System Works is giving away a custom BBCFSE Nintendo Switch console alongside a digital code for the full game. 

February 6th, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 Cyber Raidou Gameplay Trailer

Koei Tecmo released a new Dead or Alive 6 trailer for Raidou, "The Regeneration of Brutality". Raidou uses Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu and "mimicry" skills to copy moves from other fighters. The new trailer highlights some of Raidou's updated moveset and shows footage of some of DOA6's most recently announced new stages, such as the Chinese Festival stage. 

February 5th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Kabal Gameplay, D'Vorah Confirmed

Today, NetherRealm Studios announced returning MK3 veteran Kabal as a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11. The first gameplay footage of Kabal was shown during this afternoon's Kombat Kast live stream, revealing a variety of Kabal's special moves and even his Fatality. The developers describe Kabal as a basic character who is "easy" to play as and is effective at mid-range using his Nomad Dash and buzz saw attacks. In addition, NRS confirmed the return of D'Vorah for MK11

February 1st, 2019
Kano Announced for Mortal Kombat 11

During a livestream event in Brazil, NetherRealm Studios officially announced series veteran Kano as a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11. The first official MK11 image of Kano shows a very familiar appearance for Kano, who is seen wielding a long knife. During the event, NRS revealed a "Brazil exclusive" kangaceiro costume for Kano. No gameplay footage of Kano or additional details were provided by NRS. 

February 1st, 2019
Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 Patch Notes

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has released the official Season 2 patch notes for the downloadable update released on January 31st. The patch includes some major gameplay system updates to Guard Cancels, Health Recovery, Ki Gauge, Dragon Rush, and a variety of other mechanics. As announced earlier this week, Season 2 DLC characters Jiren and Videl are now available in all versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

January 31st, 2019
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Patch Notes, Resident Evil Crossover Costumes Now Available

Capcom has updated Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to version 04.010 which includes some character-specific bug fixes and new crossover costume bundles. Capcom outlined the contents of the patch on their official website (which you can also view inside this article). Cammy's Cannon Spike costume has also returned to Fighting Chance for players who missed it the first time around.

January 28th, 2019
Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 Announced, Jiren, Videl, Broly (DBS) and Gogeta (SSGSS) Confirmed, Reveal Trailer

Arc System Works has officially announced Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ, which will feature playable characters Jiren, Videl, Broly (Dragon Ball Super version) and Gogeta (SSGSS version) roster, in addition to 2 more unannounced characters. The reveal trailer shows a healthy dose of gameplay featuring Jiren, and Videl (with the Great Saiyaman as her assist character). Both characters will become playable on January 31st. The S2 FighterZ Pass is now available for purchase.

January 25th, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 Adds Raidou, Chinese Festival Stage, Training Mode Screenshots

This morning, Tecmo Koei released the latest batch of Dead or Alive 6 screenshots, confirming returning character Raidou for the game. Additionally, a new "Chinese Festival" stage was revealed in the latest images, along with new screenshots of Training Mode, Story, DOA Quest (Mission mode), and DOA Central - which includes Wardrobe (Customization), Fight Records, Theater, Music, and Library. Tecmo Koei also provided some new details about each game mode in DOA6.

January 23rd, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 Character Profile Cards Gallery

TFG's preview profile for Dead or Alive 6 was recently updated with an official character cards gallery featuring every character in the game to date. This particularly "colorful" character cards were slowly released one at a time via the official DOA6 Twitter, and now the full collection can be viewed in its entirety right here on TFG! Every character card includes each fighter's unique nickname or moniker, nationality, fighting style, age/birthday, height/weight, and occupation.

January 17th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Event Shows Fatalities, Gameplay, New Characters & Story Mode

NetherRealm Studios sure had a lot to show at their Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event in Los Angeles today. TFG is here to give you a full recap of everything that was shown, including the first official gameplay trailer for MK11 with footage of Baraka, Sonya Blade (voiced by Ronda Rousey), Sub Zero, Skarlet, and newcomer Geras. Character variations (3 per character) and a gear system similar to Injustice 2 have also been confirmed.

January 17th, 2019
Soul Calibur VI Version 1.11 Goes Live Today, Full Patch Notes

Today, Bandai Namco is rolling out the second (and final) part of the Soul Calibur VI version 1.11 balance update. Producer Motohiro Okubo outlined some of the major changes on Twitter, and Bandai Namco Europe's official website has posted the full character-specific balance updates, gameplay adjustments, and bug fixes in English. Full patch notes inside!

January 11th, 2019
TEKKEN 7: FR Round 2 Launches in Arcades on February 13th

Bandai Namco has announced the release date for TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution "Round 2" as February 13th, 2019. The "Round 2" update for TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution will bring the arcade version up to speed with the current console / PC versions of TEKKEN 7, adding characters such as Armor King, Craig Marduk, Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Geese Howard. Release dates for future Season 2 characters Julia Chang and Negan have not yet been announced.  (Source: TEKKEN Official (#1), (#2))

January 11th, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 PlayStation 4 Beta is Live Until January 14th

Starting today, a free playable beta of Dead or Alive 6 is available for download exclusively on PlayStation 4. The beta features online versus mode and includes playable characters Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, Hayabusa & Diego. The PS4 beta runs from January 11th, 2019 (8am PDT) to Jan. 14th, 2019 (7:59am PDT).  (Source: DOATEC_OFFICIAL)

January 9th, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11 Image of Shao Kahn, New Announcements & Character Reveals Coming January 17th

NetherRealm Studios shared a new image of the first DLC character revealed for Mortal Kombat 11, Shao Kahn. Announced as a pre-order bonus character for MK11, Shao Kahn was shown briefly in the Dec. 6th announce trailer, but can now be seen in more detail thanks to this new image. Additionally, new MK11 announcements are coming next Thursday, Jan. 17th (11am PT). The official MK Twitter account said they'll be showing story mode, gameplay and character reveals.

January 8th, 2019
Cooperation Cup 2019 Artwork by Yoshihara Motoki

This past weekend's 17th annual Cooperation Cup 2019 in Tokyo, Japan hosted a massive 5-vs-5 team tournament in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Returning artist Yoshihara Motoki drew some special "official" illustrations for the promotion of the tournament. As always, Yoshihara's beautiful art style really makes a statement... and in this case, captures the "aura" of the original artwork from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

January 8th, 2019
Dead or Alive 6 Release Date Delayed to March 1st, 2019

Koei Tecmo originally announced Dead or Alive 6's release date as February 15th, 2019, but the company has just announced DOA6's worldwide release date has been pushed back to March 1st, 2019. On Twitter, Director Yohei Shimbori explained the reasoning behind the delay... "The title's development is near complete, however we would like to take more time to further polish balance, gameplay, and expressivity. We commit to bringing you the best DOA experience."  (Source: DOATEC_OFFICIAL)

January 5th, 2019
Soul Calibur VI Soul Chronicle Art Gallery Update, Full TFG Review

TFG's exclusive art gallery for Soul Calibur 6 was recently updated with (most) character portraits that appear within the Soul Chronicle story mode. As most of you know by now, these amazing illustrations were drawn by the legendary Hiroaki Hashimoto, whose vibrant art style came into the fighting game scene beginning with The King of Fighters '99. Hiroaki is also known for his amazing works in KOF XI, KOF XII, KOF XIV, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
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