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December 29th, 2018
Soul Calibur VI Upcoming Ver 1.11 Patch to Add Further Balance Updates, Over 100 Customization Items

During a Dengeki Online live stream earlier this week, Project Soul discussed some of Soul Calibur VI's most recent update (1.10), but also previewed the upcoming version 1.11 patch - which will add further balance changes and 100+ customization items to the game. Regarding the balance patch, Project Soul made it clear that the goal of this balance update is to have the original character play-styles they envisioned for SC6 shine through.

December 27th, 2018
Katsuhiro Harada is Now Leader & Supervisor of Bandai Namco's eSports Strategy Team

Today on Twitter, TEKKEN series producer Katsuhiro Harada announced that he has become the leader and supervisor of Bandai Namco's eSports Strategy Team. He addressed the TEKKEN, Soul Calibur, and Dragon Ball FighterZ communities directly, stating that he and the team will be dedicated to expanding the horizons of tournaments and events for these 3 franchises into 2019.

December 27th, 2018
Capcom Shares Official SFV: Arcade Edition Concept Artwork of Kage

Capcom's CFN Shadaloo blog was updated with official concept artwork of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's recent addition, Kage. While the Japanese version of the blog is live, the English version still hasn't been posted on Capcom's website, so developer comments and facts about Kage's concept artwork are not yet available in English. (This article will be updated once the fully translated article is available.)

December 26th, 2018
Arc System Works Delays Nintendo Switch Port of Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R to 2019

Earlier this year, Arc System Works announced Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R will be coming to Nintendo Switch. On Twitter, ASW confirmed that the GGXAC+R will be delayed until 2019. While they didn't provide any release window for 2019, Arc System Works said they apologize for any inconvenience and will release more information soon. (Source: @ARCSY_Event)

December 18th, 2018
Fighting EX Layer Screenshots of Terry, Sharon & Area, 2019 Schedule Posted by Arika

As promised, Arika updated the community with their 2019 schedule for Fighting EX Layer. Terry Bogard, Sharon, and Area are on the way to FEXL in 2019, and Arika posted some brand new HD screenshots of the 3 upcoming fighters. Arika confirmed that 2 upcoming characters will be "free" and acknowledge this is a "risky" move in today's industry standard of paid DLC. However, one of the 3 new characters will be a paid DLC add-on (most likely Terry Bogard).

December 17th, 2018
Kage Revealed for SFV: Arcade Edition, Playable Now

Following the conclusion of Capcom Cup 2018, a new version of Evil Ryu known as "Kage" was revealed as a new playable character. Kage is available now for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money. Check out Kage's reveal trailer, screenshots, character artwork, and V-Trigger details. Kage's move set may resemble Evil Ryu's, but the embodiment of the Satsui no Hado has his own twist on the abilities you may be expecting.

December 16th, 2018
Arc System Works Announces Granblue Fantasy Versus for PlayStation 4 in 2019

Arc System Works just announced their latest 2D fighting game, and it's based on the Granblue Fantasy RPG series. Featuring a similar 3D cel-shaded graphics engine to the Guilty Gear Xrd series, Granblue Fantasy Versus will be a title that both fans of the series and experienced fighting game players can enjoy. Details are scarce, but the game is confirmed for a 2019 release. Check out the announce trailer, screenshots, and first details about the playable characters.

December 16th, 2018
Over 20 Fighting Games Discounted in the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale

Sony has recently launched their Holiday Sale on PlayStation Network, which currently includes discounts over 20 great fighting games. The majority of PSN titles are on sale for around 50% off (or more) with PlayStation Plus subscribers getting an extra 10% off. That means there's no better time than now to upgrade your PS4 fighting game library. Our friends at Shoryuken.com compiled a handy list of all PS4 fighting games currently on sale. Check them out!

December 15th, 2018
EVO Japan 2019 Main Games Lineup Announced

The main titles for EVO Japan 2019 have officially been announced. EVO Japan '19's games lineup is as follows: TEKKEN 7, SoulCalibur 6, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, The King of Fighters XIV, and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. EVO's official Twitter also stated they will be working with gaming communities to support the other titles not included in the lineup.  EVO Japan 2018 takes place February 15th-17th, 2019 at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center.  (Source: EVO)

December 15th, 2018
SFV: Arcade Edition In-game Sponsored Content

Capcom has introduced many unique "ideas" to fighting games over the years. Some of these ideas stick... while others do not. Their latest venture is in-game advertising within SFV: Arcade Edition. Thankfully, players have the option to opt out of this "sponsored content"... while enabling it during online matches will earn players extra Fight Money to spend in-game. Currently, the sponsored content features Capcom Pro Tour logos generously "stamped" onto character models & stages.

December 13th, 2018
2B Joins SoulCalibur VI on December 18th, Version 1.10 Patch Notes

2B's highly anticipated fighting game debut is about to commence in SoulCalibur VI... the star of NieR: Automata will bring her stylish and futuristic moveset to SCVI on Tuesday, December 18th. Additionally, Bandai Namco posted the full patch notes for the upcoming 1.10 balance update which will be releasing on December 17th. This handy list of 1.10 patch notes contains a detailed list of character-specific updates (with easy to locate buffs/nerfs), system changes, and bug fixes.

December 13th, 2018
Dead or Alive 6 Adds Elliot & Brad Wong, Gameplay trailer, Screenshots, Character Renders

Two more returning characters have been confirmed for Dead or Alive 6... the Xing Yi Quan stylist, Elliot, and the Drunken Kung-Fu Master, Brad Wong. Koei Tecmo released a new gameplay trailer for Elliot & Brad along with 6 new screenshots and their official character renders. A new stage titled "Unforgettable," shown in the trailer and new screenshots, is described as a museum-like stage featuring several locations from past DOA games - complete with their Danger Zones.

December 12th, 2018
Jin Saotome Costume for Ryu & Mech Abigail Costume Coming to SFV: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Mode

Through the form of unlockable / paid DLC costumes for SFV: Arcade Edition, Capcom continues to remind fans that they haven't completely forgotten about iconic characters who haven't appeared playable in fighting game in a very long time. Joining the ranks of Captain Commando, Viewtiful Joe, and June Lin Milliam, Cyberbots' own Jin Saotome will appear as a new crossover costume for Ryu. Additional, a new mech Abigail costume will be added to Extra Battle mode this month.

December 9th, 2018
Fighting EX Layer Steam Version 4k Screenshots

With all of the crazy hype surrounding fighting game announcements as of late, it might be easy for some to forget that Fighting EX Layer exists... and that it's a very unique indie fighting game made by developers with roots deep in genre's vibrant history. With SNK's Terry Bogard and SFEX veterans Sharon and Area on the way as playable characters, the future of FEXL is looking good. On Facebook, Arika posted some brand new 4k screenshots of the recently released Steam version.

December 6th, 2018
Mortal Kombat 11 Announced at Game Awards '18, Coming to PC, PS4, Switch & XB1 in April 2019

Ed Boon was in attendance at The Game Awards 2018 and dropped a surprise on everyone... Mortal Kombat 11 is coming out next year on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be releasing on April 23rd, 2019 and there will be a community reveal event on January 17th. The first pre-order character was also announced today... those who pre-order the game will unlock the iconic MK2 boss, Shao Kahn. Check out the MK11 announce trailer and first screenshots!

December 5th, 2018
New Samurai Shodown Coming to PC, Switch, XB1 & PS4, The King of Fighters XV Planned for 2020

During an IPO press conference in Seoul, South Korea, SNK revealed plans for two of their upcoming fighting games. Firstly, the new Samurai Shodown originally announced for PlayStation 4 will also be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Furthermore, the release window for the new Samurai Shodown was shown to be "Q2 2019". Secondly, while no visuals or promotional images were provided, SNK has confirmed The King of Fighters XV for release in 2020.

December 3rd, 2018
Tekken 7 Version 2.10 is Live, New Artwork, Patch Notes

In addition to adding Armor King and Craig Marduk (now available in most regions), Bandai Namco packed some other new surprises into today's TEKKEN 7 update. Version 2.10 includes a balance patch, adds new character illustrations / panels, customization items, music, and more. Check up on TFG's updated article which now features HD renders of TEKKEN 7's Armor King & Marduk, amazing new illustrations of Lei Wulong and Anna Williams by Junny and Jbstyle, and patch notes!

December 2nd, 2018
Tekken 7 - Armor King, Craig Marduk, Julia & Negan Revealed at TEKKEN World Tour 2018

During the 2018 TEKKEN World Tour Finals in Amsterdam, Bandai Namco's Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took the stage to reveal 3 returning fan-favorite characters for TEKKEN 7 Season 2: Armor King, Craig Marduk, and Julia Chang. Watch the full gameplay trailers for Armor King and Marduk, which also contain the "teaser" reveal of Julia Chang. Even better news is that Armor King & Marduk will be playable tomorrow, Dec. 3rd! TWD's Negan also gets his own cinematic gameplay trailer.

November 30th, 2018
Fighting EX Layer Now Available on Steam, Update 1.1.1 Live

The previously PS4-exclusive Fighting EX Layer is now available on PC through Steam. The Steam version features all of the modes and characters from the PS4 version and can run the game at 4k resolution. The Steam version is currently on sale for $29.59 (26% off). Additionally, the version 1.1.1 update is now live across all platforms. With upcoming additions to the roster including SNK's Terry Bogard and Sharon from the SFEX series, the future of Fighting EX Layer is looking good!  (Source: Steam)

November 27th, 2018
Arcade Version of SFV: Arcade Edition Will Be Called Street Fighter V: Type Arcade

Capcom shared some new information regarding the upcoming arcade release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Ironically enough, the "arcade edition" will not be called Arcade Edition. The official title is Street Fighter V: Type Arcade. The arcade version's interface and visuals will be slightly altered from the console version. The arcade cabinet will also feature a USB port so players can use their own controllers. The second Japanese location test for SFV: Type Arcade is planned for Nov 30th-Dec 1st.

November 24th, 2018
SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Adds Jeanne as the Game's Next DLC Character

Jeanne D'Arc from the World Heroes series has been announced as the next DLC character for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. Entering the battle with her original whip-sword, Jeanne retains many of her long-range attacks from World Heroes in addition to some new special moves. Jeanne's reveal trailer shows the upcoming character in action, along with Jeanne's 3 alternate costumes. Jeanne will become available in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy on December 13th.

November 20th, 2018
SFV: Arcade Edition Getting 2018 Holiday Costumes and Resident Evil Crossover Costumes

Seven new DLC costumes are coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on November 27th. New Resident Evil crossover costumes include Cammy as Jill Valentine, Urien as Albert Wesker, and Kolin as Ada Wong. In addition, Cody, Sakura, Blanka, and Falke will each get their own special Holiday 2018 costume. All of these "Premium" alternate costumes will cost $3.99 each in the SFV Shop. Check out Capcom's official trailers for the new costumes.

November 19th, 2018
Dead or Alive 6 Adds Lisa, Kokoro, Newcomer NiCO, and Customization Mode

During Team Ninja's DOA Festival on Saturday, three more characters were revealed for Dead or Alive 6. Returning fighters Lisa and Momoko, and a new female fighter known as the Lightning Technomancer, NiCo. Team Ninja also confirmed a Customization mode for DOA6, allowing players to mix & match hairstyles, eye wear, and costumes. Check out the full reveal trailer along with high-res character renders for DOA6's three new fighters.

November 14th, 2018
NeoGeo Mini Christmas Limited Edition Announced, Contains 48 Classic Games

SNK announced a Christmas Limited Edition NEOGEO Mini featuring a total of 48 classic games, topping both the International & Japanese versions which each have 40 games. The games lineup for the Christmas Edition is slightly different from the two other versions, containing unique titles such as Fatal Fury 1-3, Real Bout Special, Savage Reign, Ninja Combat, The Super Spy, Soccer Brawl, etc. Check out the full games list and official images inside.

November 14th, 2018
Fighting EX Layer Releases on PC November 30th

Arika announced Fighting EX Layer will be released for Steam on November 30th, 2018. Arika also uploaded a 36-minute "Vs Mode" video showing the PC version of Fighting EX Layer in motion, in addition to posting their November-December schedule for the game. A playable demo of the arcade version will appear at ARCREVO 2018. The Japanese arcade version will release on Nov. 29th, and a Physical Copy PS4 version will release in Japan Dec. 6th.

November 13th, 2018
SoulCalibur VI Version 1.02 Fixes Infinite Meter, Unblockable Okizeme, Rank Issues

In SoulCalibur VI, players recently discovered a bug where Voldo and Tira were able to access "unlimited" Soul Meter mechanics. Bandai Namco's response has been pretty quick, as they just announced patch 1.02 to remedy the issue. Additionally, Geralt & Tira's unblockable Ukemi traps and PC version's Player Ranking system will also be patched. Version 1.02 will release November 14th on PlayStation 4, Nov. 16th on PC/Steam, and between Nov. 16th-19th on XB1.

November 12th, 2018
Learn How to Defend and Punish Every Critical Edge in SoulCalibur VI with this Video Guide

Critical Edge super moves in SoulCalibur VI were designed to give beginner / casual players a "chance" against the high-execution and speedy movement techniques of high-level / veteran players. Critical Edges are super-easy to connect and some can even hit anywhere on screen, so learning how to defend against them is imperative to your success and overall enjoyment of SC6. YouTuber Scallywag 93 put together a handy video guide teaching you how to defend and punish every Critical Edge in SC6.

November 12th, 2018
Dead or Alive 6 Christie Reveal Trailer, Character Render, Screenshots, New "Road Rage" Stage

Back in October, Koei Tecmo revealed returning characters Bass, Tina, and Mila for Dead or Alive 6. Last week, returning veteran Christie was announced for DOA6, who shows off some new Shequan (Snake Fist Style) techniques in her reveal trailer. For some reason, Christie also gets beat up quite a bit in her DOA6 trailer... which is an odd decision when reintroducing a classic character (and an odd choice for other reasons). Additionally, a new stage called "Road Rage" makes its debut in Christie's DOA6 trailer.

November 10th, 2018
Meet Initial T, The Top 8 Guilty Gear Xrd Player Who Uses a Steering Wheel Gamepad

The FGC has some truly awesome unsung heroes amongst its ranks, including players who enjoy doing things "differently" and can still manage to be successful in their respective genres. Meet Initial T, the "Steering Wheel Warrior"... at Canada Cup 2018, Initial T defeated 2017 champion Dogura in the GGXrd REV 2 top 8 using a PS4 steering wheel gamepad (tourney legal)! Core-A-Gaming recently posted a video mini-documentary featuring the steering wheel warrior himself.

November 8th, 2018
Bandai Namco Shows 2B's First Gameplay Footage in
SoulCalibur VI Livestream

The first gameplay footage of 2B in SoulCalibur VI was shown during a special Dengeki livestream featuring Bandai Namco's Motohiro Okubo, Square Enix's Yosuke Saito, composer Keiichi Okabe, and Yoko Taro. Once things kicked off, the team demonstrated a small portion of 2B's moveset, unveiling some very interesting animations and unique abilities. For one, 2B's stance posture changes depending on her health. We also get a nice look at the gorgeous NieR: Automata stage in the game!

November 6th, 2018
Sega Renews Virtua Fighter Trademark Alongside "Battle Genesis"

Believe it or not, it's been over a decade since a new Virtua Fighter game has come out. The most recent noteworthy release for the series was in June 2012, with VF5: Final Showdown coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable title. It's certainly been an uneventful era for Virtua Fighter fans... but there may be some light on the horizon. On October 2nd, Sega Japan renewed the U.S. trademark for the Virtua Fighter logo, alongside a new trademark called "Battle Genesis".

November 2nd, 2018
Bandai Namco Releases Tekken 7 2.02 Patch Notes

As of November 1st, a minor patch for TEKKEN 7 was released by Bandai Namco to fix a few of Season 2's bugs and unintended occurrences. Many of these were brought to Namco's attention by players via Twitter, so it's great to see the company addressing these issues in a timely manner. Being the two latest characters added to the roster, Lei and Anna received the most updates, but a variety of other characters were tuned with other fixes / balance updates. Here are the full patch notes.

October 27th, 2018
NieR: Automata's 2B Joins SoulCalibur VI as Guest Character, Reveal Trailer, Artwork & Screens

The main protagonist from Square Enix's hit action JRPG, NieR: Automata, is set to join SoulCalibur VI as the game's second guest character. Like Geralt of Rivia, 2B will bring along her own stage and BGM from on her original game. Additionally, 2B will also get a unique alternate costume and several customization items. Check out 2B's reveal trailer, along with her official artwork by Takuji Kawano and 50 HD screenshots!

October 26th, 2018
Miss X Joins SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Reveal Trailer, Official Artwork

Any fighting game fan savvy with SNK history certainly expected to see "Miss X" appear in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy in some form or another. Originally appearing in SNK Gals Fighters (2000), Iori Yagami will reprise the role as Miss X in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy as the latest DLC character for the game. However, the original Miss X will be joined by a female Miss X and a female Kyo cosplayer. Check out Miss X's reveal trailer and official character artwork!

October 23rd, 2018
Street Fighter: 30th Anniv. Collection Update is Live

On Tuesday, Capcom released a minor update for Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection which includes improvements across all platforms. PS4 & Xbox One version updates include general fixes in Online & Training modes, along with localization fixes, audio improvements, and Museum Updates. Most of the same fixes were implemented in the Nintendo Switch version, in addition to improvements for lobbies and online capabilities. Here are the full patch notes from Capcom Unity.

October 22nd, 2018
Tekken 7: FR "Round 2" Coming to Japan Arcades in February 2019, Celebration Illustration

During last week's Mastercup 10 tournament, Bandai Namco officially announced the anticipated update to the arcade version of TEKKEN 7. The update, titled TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution Round 2, will bring the arcade version up to speed with the current console versions - adding Lei Wulong, Anna Williams, Geese Howard, Noctis, and other (currently-console exclusive) customizations and stages. Bandai Namco also released a trailer for TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution Round 2.

October 17th, 2018
SoulCalibur VI - "Souls and Swords: The Rise of SoulCalibur" Video Documentary - Part 2

As the highly-anticipated release of SoulCalibur VI is nearly upon us, Bandai Namco America uploaded PART 2 of their Soul Calibur documentary / retrospective about the iconic 3D weapon-based fighting series. PART 2 of this video documentary brings back well-known fighting game players: Maximillian, Aris, Kayane, Markman, LinkRKC, and Bibulous, who talk about the Soul Calibur competitive scene, the evolution of the series, and why they're excited about SoulCalibur VI.

October 17th, 2018
SoulCalibur VI Features / Game Modes English Trailer

Today, Bandai Namco released the English version of their Soul Calibur VI Features / Game Modes trailer. It's very similar to the Japanese version of the trailer, showing a preview of the single-player and multi-player modes available in the game at launch, including: Soul Chronicle, Libra of Soul, Character Creation, Museum, and Online Battle.

October 16th, 2018
Guilty Gear / BlazBlue Official Backpacks, Smartphone Cases Designed by SuperGroupies Japanese Apparel

Japanese apparel designers, SuperGroupies, are doing a collaboration with Arc System Works to make official backpacks, cardigans, and smartphone cases based on Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction designs. Take a look at this ultra-stylish Arc System Works-themed apparel, including Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Ragna The Bloodedge, and Jin Kisaragi-inspired backpacks (sporting an appropriate number of belts and even character crests).

October 16th, 2018
BlazBlue Central Fiction "Special Edition" Coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan Feb. 7th, 2019

The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed BlazBlue Central Fiction: Special Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 7th, 2019 in Japan. So far, what we know about BBCF: Special Edition on Switch is that it will come packed with the DLC characters from the previous console releases, including: Jubei, Susanoo, Mai Natsume and Es. No further details have been announced thus far. BlazBlue: Central Fiction was originally released in arcades in 2015, on PS4/PS3 in 2017, and on Steam in 2018.

October 14th, 2018
Two Amazing SoulCalibur VI Illustrations by Junny

Fans of the 2D character illustrations from TEKKEN 7 and TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 should immediately recognize the vibrant artwork of Junny, who recently completed two amazing SoulCalibur VI illustrations. These "group" character illustrations are a homage to official SoulCalibur artworks from 1998-1999, featuring a "heroes" and "villains" side. The heroes side features Kilik, Sophitia, Maxi, Xianghua & Groh, while the villains side has Nightmare, Ivy, Astaroth, Inferno & Lizard Man.

October 12th, 2018
A Closer Look at the SoulCalibur VI Collector's Edition

Bandai Namco released a video showing the contents of the Soul Calibur 6 Collector's Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Once again, the Collector's Edition comes with a 12" inch Sophitia Alexandra statue, a 120 page art book, CD compilation soundtrack, a metal case cover with built in soundbox, and the standard version of the game. The Collector's Edition retails for $149.99 and is currently available for pre-order in the Bandai Namco Store, and on Amazon, Best Buy & Gamestop.

October 9th, 2018
SoulCalibur VI - "Souls and Swords: The Rise of SoulCalibur" Video Documentary

Bandai Namco Entertainment America uploaded a 13-minute Soul Calibur documentary / retrospective about the iconic 3D weapon-based fighting series. The first installment of this video documentary features several well-known Soul Calibur players, including: Kayane, Aris, Markman, LinkRKC and Bibulous, who recall their fondest Soul Calibur memories and note some of their favorite aspects of the game.

October 6th, 2018
DOA6 Mila, Tina & Bass Reveal Trailer, Character Renders

Koei Tecmo's latest trailer for Dead or Alive 6 reveals 3 returning characters, Mila, who debuted in DOA5, and two series originals: Tina and Bass Armstrong. Alongside new gameplay of the 3 revealed fighters, the new trailer introduces a new wrestling ring stage called "The Muscle," and shows a few short cinematic scenes from the game's story mode. Also just in are full-size character renders for Mila, Tina, and Bass.

October 4th, 2018
SoulCalibur VI Inferno Reveal Trailer, Official Artwork, Screenshots & Character Bio

The return of Soul Calibur and SoulCalibur 2's sinister boss has been confirmed. This morning, Bandai Namco officially revealed Inferno by posting his SoulCalibur 6 reveal trailer. According to early reports, Inferno will be an unlockable playable character by completing a certain point in Soul Calibur 6's Soul Chronicle story mode. Using Soul Edge, Inferno appears to borrow some of Nightmare's attacks but shows some of his own ultra-powerful attacks in the trailer.

October 4th, 2018
Rare Behind The Scenes Footage of The Making of Mortal Kombat, MK2, MK3 & MK4

If you were an "arcade kid" in the 90's, you remember the huge impact when a new Mortal Kombat came out. Using digitized graphics and real-life actors, the early Mortal Kombat series was ahead of its time technologically and, of course, boldly pushing the boundaries of censorship with extreme violence and gore. Some rare "behind the scenes" footage of the making of Mortal Kombat, MK2, MK3, and MK4 has surfaced online, showing the original actors in costume performing their iconic moves.

October 2nd, 2018
Fighting EX Layer Meets Sales Expectations on PS4, Development Shifting to Steam & Arcade Version

It's easy for some gamers to forget that game developers are people. In this era, the long-term success of a fighting game depends on not only initial launch sales, but continued support by the community via Season Passes and DLC. Arika recently opened up about the success of Fighting EX Layer on Twitter and Facebook, stating the PS4 version met sales expectations (as they were able to release Vulcano Rosso & Pullum as free DLC characters), but was not a "jackpot" in terms of sales.

September 28th, 2018
Soul Calibur VI Movelists for All Characters in the Beta

Are you enjoying Soul Calibur VI beta on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? We certainly are (when it finds an opponent). Soul Calibur VI makes things very accommodating for beginners by design, but becomes a much more enjoyable and deeper game when you know what you're doing. That said, stop reading this and start studying these character movelists from PrimaGames for all 16 playable characters in the beta version!
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