Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

VF5: Ultimate Showdown New HD Screenshots


The gorgeous visual enhancements of Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown on PlayStation 4 shouldn't be overlooked. For a "last generation" PS4 fighting game, Ultimate Showdown shines in many areas and seems to push the system to its absolute limits! Seriously, the game looks great. The impact hit sparks add a nice touch, the character models are all improvements over VF5: Final Showdown's, and even the Retro Skins look especially amazing in the game's updated lighting engine reminding us old school fighting game players just how far we've come from 1993. To be honest, Ultimate Showdown is one of the most polished visually-upgraded "HD remakes" of any 3D fighting game in recent memory. That said, enjoy a collection of new HD screens!

The game looks beautiful in motion but also pretty great standing still, as well. 
Gotta love the way the VF4 / VF5-era crew look! El Blaze, Eileen, Vanessa Lewis,
and Goh Hinogami are blocky and beautiful in their all new stylized Retro Skins.


blocky and beautiful.


The new clothing, skin textures, and hit sparks really POP.

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 Source:  Sega   

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