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Sarah Bryant is a college student from San Francisco, CA that debuted in the original Virtua Fighter. According to the game's story, Sarah, eldest daughter of the Bryant family becomes suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her brother Jacky's horrible accident in the 1990 Indianapolis 500. While investigating this accident, a mysterious group called Judgment 6 kidnapped and brainwashed her. Her innate fighting sense aroused by the brainwashing, Sarah was sent into World Martial Arts Tournament to deliver the knock-out blow to her brother Jacky. She fights with Martial Arts, which includes a bit of Savate, Taekwondo and Karate style.

Since the end of the third tournament, Sarah has fully regained her memories. Life went back to normal for all the Bryants, but Sarah still felt a twinge of uncertainty. Even though she has recovered, she remembered all the bad things she had done while under the Organization's control. Worst of all, she remembers trying to kill Jacky. She is also unable to remember clearly enough if the desire to kill Jacky was a result of J6's brainwashing, or if it was part of her own wishes all along. When she finds out that Jacky intends to join the fourth tournament, she decides to do so as well, so that she can beat Jacky and resolve matters once and for all.
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Page Updated:  Mar. 13th, 2024

Should I be ashamed to admit that I had a crush on Sarah when I was 11 years old, in '94? :) Sarah was a great fighting game heroine for all the right reasons. Great kicks. Great combos. Spandex body suit. The 90's were good times. Sarah was the token ass-kickin' blonde of Virtua Fighter since the very beginning. If VF2, I think she stood out as one of the best-looking video game characters... ever. VF2 graphics were amazing and NEXT-GEN. If you were around back then, you know. By today's standards, I'm not sure if Sarah's blue spandex, full-body suit is as "cool" as it was in the 90's... but nonetheless, Sarah still rocks the look. 

Sarah's moveset was always heavy on kicks and knees... which always distinguished her. Over the years, Ms. Bryant acquired even more cool new kicks, maneuvers, and throws... most notably in VF4 / VF5. Watching the evolution of her design was always fun. The VF team always did a good job highlighting her and evolving her moveset. Hey, Sarah was even good in DOA5... (and part of the reason why I even bothered to play that game at all). lol ;)

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