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TEKKEN 8 Closed Beta Videos


As a lifelong Tekken player and fan of the series, I had an absolute blast playing the TEKKEN 8 Closed Beta Test on Steam last weekend. I recorded a ton of videos (in 4K) and I'm in the process of uploading and sharing my most interesting matches and highlights, in addition to new "compilation" material in the days ahead. Words don't do this game justice... so I hope you enjoy watching high-level / experimental gameplay featuring characters such as Feng Wei, Azucena, Lars, Kazuya, Jack-8, Jin Kazama, King, etc. By the way... TEKKEN 8 is a blisteringly fun game and I cannot wait to play it more in the months and years ahead.

More videos will be uploaded to the channel and posted here soon.
Please support my content. I hope you enjoy watching my TEKKEN 8 matches, which also include a few interesting "notes" during specific moments. I took a break from creating YouTube content in recent years (for a variety of reasons), but I'd greatly appreciate your help in jump-starting my channel again by commenting, subscribing, and liking my videos on YouTube. It helps me out, thanks! TEKKEN 8 launches on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 26th, 2024.
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