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Reina Revealed During EVO TEKKEN 8 Showcase, Latest Details, Concept Artwork


After the conclusion of the special EVO TEKKEN 8 Showcase event on Sunday, which featured exciting and intense TEKKEN 8 matches played by past EVO champions, Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray, and Mark "Markman" Julio hosted a live "TEKKEN Talk" segment revealing new TEKKEN 8 details. During the event, they recapped recent character reveals and showed an updated gameplay trailer for Victor Chevalier along with lots of new Concept Art. After showing another behind-the-scenes video offering a look at Victor's design process, they announced Reina, the third newcomer and final character of TEKKEN 8's 32-strong launch roster. See Reina's Gameplay Reveal Trailer from Bandai Namco, below.


Reina's fighting style is based on a real Japanese martial art called Taido. She employs a fighting style using acrobatic maneuvers as well as brutal attacks such as knife-hand strikes, eye pokes, and scratching all reflecting her "mean streak" personality. Her moveset also has various "Mishima-style Karate" influences, with her acquiring techniques such as the Wind God Fist and Spinning Demon. Reina also has her own take on the Heaven's Wrath stance, once used by Heihachi.
When Bandai Namco was designing and animating Reina's moveset, they collaborated with renowned Taido expert Tetsuji Nakano, a four-time winner of the Taido World Championships. Reina's deeper storyline elements and official bio have yet to be revealed.



Reina's visual design was created by Mari Shimazaki lead character designer for the Bayonetta series. Mari Shimazaki was behind the visual designs for Josie Rizal and Kazumi Mishima back in TEKKEN 7, as well as Jun's new design in TEKKEN 8. Mari Shimazaki also did some designs for the SoulCalibur series in the past. Below, see the first ever Concept Artwork for Reina during TEKKEN Talk Live at the EVO TEKKEN 8 Showcase.








Additionally, a new Battle Stage called "Secluded Training Ground" was revealed in Reina's trailer. This new dojo stage shares a resemblance to TEKKEN 7's Mishima Dojo and Geese Howard Estate, and features breakable walls.
Finally, take a leisurely scroll down and check out all of the brand new design details and concept illustrations for TEKKEN 8's newest character additions such as
Victor Chevalier, Devil Jin, Lee Chaolan, Alisa Bosconovitch, and Zafina.






Sunday night's live EVO TEKKEN 8 Showcase featured a thrilling competition between past EVO champions (who put on a great show). Seriously, the pros made the game look awesome and the overall presentation value of EVO's TEKKEN 8 Showcase stream was off-the-charts. So it's worth a watch (especially if you plan to learn TEKKEN 8 in 2024 and continue playing it for many years to come, like I do). Without further ado, watch (or rewatch) the full EVO TEKKEN 8 Showcase, below.
In addition to the TEKKEN 8 exhibition and several player interviews, the EVO TEKKEN 8 Showcase video (above) contains all of the latest information revealed for TEKKEN 8. The live presentation featuring Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray begins at around the 3:16:00 mark in the video.
TEKKEN 8 launches on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 26th, 2024. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more TEKKEN 8 news and content.
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