Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Capcom Reveals Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Costume Contest Winners


This weekend, Capcom announced the 2 winning costume designs of this year's Street Fighter V: Champion Edition costume contest. Without further ado, scroll down to see the TOP 2 winning costume designs. The Street Fighter Twitter fanbase has spoken... and a single character has captured the hearts of many. Both winning costumes are for none other than the TaeKwonDo S.I.N. agent known as "Spider"... Juri Han. In first place: JnXC's M. Bison-inspired Juri Han costume received 18,000+ votes on Twitter and takes the big win. Capcom will be recreating both winning costume designs in SFV: Champion Edition which will be added to the game in Winter 2020.


In second place, Gar's Yakuza-style Juri raked in 13,700+ votes.


Juri Han WINS. Congrats to the TOP 2 and great job to everyone who entered. Players will be able to obtain these costumes when they are released in Street Fighter V this Winter, which likely will coincide with DLC character Dan Hibiki and the CPT 2021 stage in Season 5.

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