Saturday, September 5th, 2020 

Capcom Shares Early Designs of Makoto from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike


Revealed on the official CFN / Shadaloo C.R.I. website, Capcom recently posted some never-before-seen early concept designs of Makoto from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. For any fan of the hard-hitting Rindoukan Karate tomboy, this early concept artwork and rough sketches of Makoto are a real treasure! Below, take a rare glimpse at Makoto's earliest designs before her final version debuted in SFIII: 3rd Strike. Scroll down to see all of the newly revealed Makoto concepts and also read some (rough) translations of the descriptions via CFN provided by Capcom Japan.



From Capcom CFN: "This time, the early designs for Makoto before her appearance in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike are revealed! I think there are many players who have become enthusiastic about Makoto's explosive power and visual style. How was the hot-blooded Karate girl born?"




 "With a large belt and headband (around her neck) that does not fit Makoto's body size, it appears she inherited some of her attire from her father and brother. Maybe Daigo Ikeno's idea? Her design was made to show the belief that 'Karate is the strongest'."

Interestingly, this early design of Makoto has her with "red streaks" in her hair.


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