Friday, July 24th, 2020

Storm Collectibles Reveals New Action Figures: Demitri Maximoff, E. Honda & Motaro


Storm Collectibles recently unveiled 3 of their upcoming poseable action figures based on fan-favorite fighting game characters. Darkstalkers fans rejoice... as Storm Collectibles confirmed they have acquired the Darkstalkers license from Capcom and will be kicking off their line with a fully poseable figure of Demitri Maximoff. In addition to Demitri, Storm Collectibles also released photos of their beefy E. Honda "SFV Nostalgia Costume" figure, as well as a menacing Mortal Kombat Motaro releasing in Q4 2020 (scroll down for more specific details on the Motaro figure). The Demitri and E. Honda figures (shown below) are still "prototypes" and Pending Approval. 

Storm Collectibles hasn't revealed the official price or specific details on the Demitri and Honda figures. The standard price point on similar Storm Collectibles figures is usually between $65-$85 USD.

MOTARO is from a race the Centaurians. He made his first appearance as a sub-boss character in Mortal Kombat 3. Motaro's kind have come into conflict with the Shokan, a four-armed race to which Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva belong, as Kahn favors the Centaurians and aids them in the defeat and subjugation of the Shokan race. As a Centaurian, Motaro possesses a great strength as well as a razor-sharp tail that fires energy blasts from its tip, and the power of teleportation. He also has an absolute immunity to projectile attacks, as Motaro's skin appears to have some sort of reflective surface that automatically repels long range attacks to the point of sending them right back at opponents.

- Fully Articulated Mortao's Body - 240mm Tall
- 2 x Interchanging Head Sculpt
- 3 x Pairs of hand
- 1 x Fireball Effect
- 1 x Articulated Bloody Skeleton Skull Body

Release Date: Q4 2020
Official online order:

In 2020-2021, Storm Collectibles has an impressive lineup of fighting character action figures from a variety of series, including:
  •   KOF - Orochi, Iori, Geese, Blue Mary, Mai
  •   TEKKEN - King, Paul
  •   SAMURAI SHODOWN - Haohmaru
  •   SoulCalibur VI - Taki, Mitsurugi
  •   Darkstalkers - Morrigan
  •   Hokuto No Ken - Kenshiro
  •   Fighting EX Layer - Kairi, Skullomania

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