POSTED:  Thursday, April 1st, 2021                  (4-12-2021)

Capcom Releases Neco Drop 2 for April Fools Day


Today, Capcom continued their tradition of releasing a free-to-play mini-game compatible on PCs and smartphones. The sequel to last year's Neco Drop, Neco Drop 2 is a puzzle game once again featuring the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition cast as... adorable cats. Feline versions of the SFV:CE's newest newcomers such as Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama even make an appearance in Neco Drop 2 (in addition to some other non-playable SFV characters). [UPDATE] Also check out an official artwork featuring every cat from Neco Drop 2... and possibly a hint at the next SFV: CE Season 5 character.


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 Source:  Street Fighter (Twitter)  

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Every Street Fighter Cat from Neco Drop 2... and Possibly a Hint at the Next SFV: CE Character?

An official Neco Drop 2 image from Capcom shows artwork for every cat in the game one representing each member of SFV: Champion Edition's roster (in addition to some non-playable support characters). These clever feline designs are awesome fan service in many ways. One cat in particular might be a hint at the next SFV:CE character...
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