Wednesday, April 1st, 2020  

Play Capcom's Neco Drop for April Fools Day 2020


Following their tradition of the past few years, to celebrate April Fools 2020, Capcom launched a free browser game (currently playable on PC and smartphones). This year, it's a free puzzle game called "Neco Drop" which features the entire Street Fighter V: Champion Edition roster (all 40 characters) as adorable, chibi-style cats. Each feline fighter has a level based around them and they can be unlocked after "befriending" them using cat food, of course. To play Neco Drop, simply click the image below!

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Capcom Releases Neco Drop 2 for April Fools

Today, Capcom continued their tradition of releasing a free-to-play mini-game compatible on PCs and smartphones. The sequel to last year's Neco Drop, Neco Drop 2 is a puzzle game once again featuring the SFV: Champion Edition cast as... adorable cats. Feline versions of the SFV:CE's newest newcomers such as Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama even make an appearance in Neco Drop 2.
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