Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Akuma Joins Monster Hunter: Rise This Week


Iconic Street Fighter series veteran, Akuma, has appeared as a guest character in a wide variety of video games. This morning, Capcom announced the third Street Fighter collaboration with the Monster Hunter series, revealing Akuma will be joining the latest installment, Monster Hunter: Rise. The official reveal trailer for Akuma (below) shows him fighting monsters bare-handed using his trademark special attacks and Satsui no Hadou fighting style. In true Monster Hunter fashion, Akuma will also be able to use all of the weapons in the game. Players will be able to transform into Akuma in Monster Hunter: Rise starting August 27th, 2021.


Last month, Amaterasu from Okami joined the game as a new skin for players' Palamute. There are currently two more unannounced "Capcom collaborations" planned for Monster Hunter: Rise in the coming months. Monster Hunter: Rise is currently available on Nintendo Switch. A PC version is planned for release in 2022.


 Source:  Capcom Europe (YouTube)           Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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