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Interested in Uriko's zoanthrope abilities, the Tylon Corporation abducted her when she was still a small child. Thanks to her mother, Mitsuko, and friend, Alice, Uriko was able to escape safely from the Tylon research institute. To protect Uriko and also hide their zoanthrope abilities from the public, Uriko, Mitsuko and Alice establish a peaceful life among normal people. (Bloody Roar 1 Ending)

   One day when Uriko was coming home late from school, she found several strange men surrounding her mother in front of the store they owned and operated. The men were trying to force Mitsuko to join the Zoanthrope Rights Movement. To help her mother, Uriko tried using her zoanthrope abilities, but the years had made her weak and instead she turned into a helpless cat. She found it difficult to move in this strange form, let alone fight against the group of men. This time it was her mother that would be abducted right before her eyes.

   Uriko thought she saw some resemblance between the man who appeared to be the leader and Long, a man she once knew long ago. But the man who abducted her mother seemed to have a darker, more violent nature about him. Later that night, a strange woman who seems to blend into the darkness approaches Uriko. She says she came to warn Uriko and her mother of the Zoanthrope Rights Movement and the men that were out to get them. This woman tells her that the leader of the Movement is Shen Long, and that he has mastered, maybe even more powerfully, the same Kenpo as Long. Uriko is now determined to find Long and learn his Kenpo style in order to save her mother.
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Bloody Roar

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Bloody Roar 2, Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Bloody Roar 4

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Page Updated:  May 5th, 2014

Uriko is one of the more "palatable" Bloody Roar characters for me. As the token cat-girl of the series, she is easily likeable from the start. Her original look in BR1 was pretty loud and ugly... but her Bloody Roar 3 redesign was much much better. Her personality is a bit overdone perhaps... she's definitely goofy and silly to the extreme, but a few of her moves and animations are clever and entertaining. 

On a side note: The polygonal rendering of her hair in those 3D renders (up top) is just sad.... lol.

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