Alice Tsukagami

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She was kidnapped by a secret research institution that conspired to use zoanthropes as assault weapons. Her latent powers as a beast were awakened in their experiments. She escaped from the institution just before a brainwashing that would have left her as a combat automaton. A girl named Uriko, who was with Alice at the institution, failed to get away during the escape. Alice decided to fight back against the institution to save Uriko. With the help of Mitsuko, Uriko's mother, Alice manages to save Uriko and escape to safety. The three then set out to lead a happy peaceful life as a family.

Since then, Alice has graduated from high school and left home to study and become a nurse. During her training at the hospital she interns at, she is again confronted with her past by an encounter with Yugo Ogami. Yugo has been sent to the ER for treatment for some serious wounds. Before the doctors can examine him, he rushes out of the ER but not before bumping into Alice. Though Alice is somewhat excited to see him again, Yugo is in too much of a hurry to talk and catch up with her. On her way home after this unexpected encounter, Alice is confronted by a mysterious woman who seems to know all about her past. This woman informs her that Yugo is in serious trouble and gives Alice a piece of paper that contains information on Yugo's whereabouts. Watching Alice disappear in the distance, the mysterious woman whispers, "Phew, finally she took the bait. I haven't been on a mission like this in a long time. What's next?..." Alice is also Uriko's cousin...

Bloody Roar



Bloody Roar 2, Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Bloody Roar 4


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Page Updated:  Mar. 31st, 2020

The staple "cute girl" of her series, Alice can also turn into giant fighting bunny.... Seriously? 0_o I suppose this design might appeal to some "girly gamers" out there (whether you're male or female, that is)... but I think most fighting game players would agree that Alice's design is reaching a bit - and just looks weird. I like rabbits and all... but giant bunny suits kinda freak me out. Wait, she's a real giant rabbit? I'm good. Cyaaaa.

A few of Alice's default outfits from the sequels weren't completely terrible... I actually like her Bloody Roar 2 & 3 default costumes, but some of her other ones are pretty meh. She's somewhat effective in her series, but otherwise, not a very inspiring design.

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