(Quarter 1 - 2018)

March 31st, 2018
Fighting EX Layer Hayate & Sanane Reveal Trailer, Arika Wants to Add DLC Characters if Game Sells Well

Arika released a new trailer for Fighting EX Layer trailer that reveals two new playable characters for the upcoming PS4 fighting game: Hayate and Sanane. Fighting EX Layer producer and original Street Fighter 2 designer Akira Nishitani makes an appearance in the video to talk about the game's progress. Nishitani mentions that he wants to add DLC characters (Pullum, V.Rosso, Sharon & Area) but can only do so if the game sells well in the first month. Concept artwork of the 4 possible DLC characters is displayed at the end of the video.

March 28th, 2018
Soul Calibur VI Geralt of Rivia Showcase Video Featuring Commentary by Projekt Red Developers

Bandai Namco released a 3-minute showcase video all about the first guest character coming to Soul Calibur VI, Geralt of Rivia. This collaboration video features commentary from the CD Projekt Red team (the creators of The Witcher series). In the video, Projekt Red talks details about Geralt's smooth transition over to the Soul Calibur series. Witcher series director Borys Muraszkiewwicz mentions in the video that Geralt's appearance in Soul Calibur could be considered an extension of part of the storyline of The Witcher 3.

March 22nd, 2017
The King of Fighters XIV Najd Reveal Trailer

SNK posted an all-new DLC character trailer for The King of Fighters XIV. Back in September '17, Manga Productions held a social media contest in the Middle East for fans to create their own KOF character. "Najd" was the winning design, and her appearance in KOF XIV is finally official. Najd is a very quiet Saudi Arabian girl with extraordinary powers. She's a college student by day, but at night, she puts on her Abaya and turns into a vigilante to protect her fellow citizens.

March 20th, 2018
SF:30th Anniversary Collection Releasing May 29th, Includes Digital Copy of Ultra SF4 with Pre-order 

Capcom just sweetened the pot for Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection, which is set to be released on May 29th, 2018. In addition to the 12 classic titles featured in the package, early adopters who pre-order will receive a digital copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV completely free! Capcom released a new trailer today announcing this great pre-order bonus. SF:30th is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & Nintendo Switch, and is a surefire way to get all of the best Street Fighter games on your gaming platform of choice!

March 20th, 2018
Bardock & Broly Join Dragon Ball FighterZ on March 28th, Bardock Character Intro Trailer

Today, Bandai Namco announced that the first two Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters, Broly and Bardock, will be released on March 28th, 2018. Additionally, Bardock's 37-second character intro trailer has been released. In gameplay, Goku's father fights in his normal form and transforms into a Super Saiyan during his level 3 super move. In case you missed it from last week, also check out Broly's character intro trailer.

March 20th, 2018
Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Bringing New Costumes, Stage & Missions to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

For the past 2 years, Capcom has released special costumes and "arena" stages for SFV to celebrate the Capcom Pro Tour. This paid DLC content also helped fund the prize pool for the CPT '16 and '17 tournament series. Capcom is following tradition this year with all-new CPT 2018 DLC content. This year, Akuma and Sakura will be getting CPT costumes (priced at $5.99 each). The new CPT '18 arena stage draws inspiration from the Street Fighter II Shadaloo Headquarters and will be available for $9.99.

March 16th, 2018
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Adds Jubei, Aigis & Carmine

Arc System Works confirmed three more characters for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle today. The 2D crossover fighter adds Jubei from BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Aigis from Persona 4 Arena, and Carmine from Under Night In-Birth. As usual, Arc System Works uploaded a short trailer showing all three characters in action.

March 15th, 2018
Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher Series Announced as a Guest Character for Soul Calibur VI

This morning, Bandai Namco officially announced Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series as a guest fighter in Soul Calibur 6! Check out Geralt's reveal trailer, first screenshots, key artwork with Mitsurugi, and official character artwork. The Legendary "White Wolf" will bring his high-level swordsmanship and magical "Sign" attacks to the Stage of History! 

March 15th, 2018
Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection Full Video Preview by PlayStation Underground

PlayStation Underground uploaded a full 30-minute video preview of Capcom's upcoming mega compilation title coming in May of this year, Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection. The first ever video footage of SF30th gives us a look at some of the in-game menus, options, and modes... as well as some "arcade perfect" gameplay of SF1, SF2, SF2: Turbo, Super SF2T, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and SFIII: 3rd Strike.

March 14th, 2018
Noctis Joins Tekken 7 on March 20th, New Gameplay Trailer & 15 HD Screenshots

During today's Bandai Namco / Square Enix Stream, it was announced that Noctis and his Hammerhead stage will join TEKKEN 7 as DLC on March 20th! Additionally, a new Noctis gameplay trailer confirms he will have a variety of alternate costumes. Noctis even has a brand new costume called "Fighting King's Raiment" which was designed by the TEKKEN Team. The Noctis DLC is included in the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass and can also be bought separately for $7.99 on PS4, Steam, and Xbox One. [UPDATE] 15 HD screenshots added to the article!

March 14th, 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly Character Intro Trailer

Bandai Namco released the full character intro trailer for Broly, one of the two upcoming DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The 32-second trailer shows a lot more of the hulking Legendary Super Saiyan in gameplay than the previous teaser trailer. Bardock's character intro trailer shouldn't be far behind. Bandai Namco has yet to reveal an official release date for these 2 upcoming DLC characters.

March 13th, 2018
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Digital PS4 Copies Include Early Access to Open Beta in Japan

Arc System Works announced in PlayStation Japan's new blog that players who pre-order the digital PS4 copy of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will gain early access to the open beta - which takes place this May. By pre-ordering either the Standard or Deluxe digital version, players gain access to the full 5 days of the open beta (instead of just 2 days). The official dates for the beta have yet to be announced, but we'll keep you updated. Again, this information has only been confirmed for the Japan version.  (Sources: PS.Blog Japan, Official Site, Siliconera)

March 12th, 2018
Mick McGinty Added to TFG's Artist Profiles Feature

TFG's ongoing Artist Profiles Feature has been updated with another iconic fighting game artist. Mick McGinty is best known for his cover illustrations appearing on the U.S. box art for the console versions of Street Fighter II back in the early 90's. At the time, Capcom U.S.A. wanted to "Americanize" the Japanese art style of the Street Fighter series, and McGinty's ultra-realistic art style ended up being the perfect fit.

March 9th, 2018
Tekken 7 Noctis News Coming March 14th in Special Bandai Namco / Square Enix Stream

Bandai Namco and Square Enix just announced a special broadcast called "Alternative Time Report" which will air on March 14th (8pm Japan Time). TEKKEN 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada and Final Fantasy XV director Hijame Tabata will be present during the livestream and will reveal some kind of new information about both games. It's been confirmed that the latest info regarding Noctis's upcoming TEKKEN 7 appearance will be unveiled during the broadcast, so new gameplay footage and a release date is likely to be shown.

March 8th, 2018
CEO 2018 x New Japan Pro Wrestling Collaboration Announced, Including a Live Show

CEO Fighting Game Championships organizer Alex Jebailey and New Japan Pro-Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega announced today that CEO 2018 will be hosting a live NJPW wrestling event on Friday, June 29th (the weekend of CEO '18) at Daytona's Ocean Center. Ticketing will be available in April and CEO '18 registrants will have access to pre-sale & show discounts. The show card and additional details will be revealed at a later date.

March 5th, 2018
Tekken World Tour 2018 Officially Announced

TEKKEN 7 will continue its ongoing success in eSports and the competitive fighting game community with Bandai Namco's official announcement of the TEKKEN World Tour 2018. Kicking off March 16th at Final Round, TWT 2018 will continue at major events throughout the year, all the way until October 26th at Canada Cup. The finals will be held in Amsterdam, NLD. Check out Bandai Namco's 1-minute announcement trailer for TEKKEN World Tour 2018.

March 3rd, 2018
Soul Calibur VI Nightmare Developer Diary Video, 4k Quality Footage Captured by DigitalFoundry

Bandai Namco uploaded a new "Behind The Scenes" Developer Diary Video featuring producer Motohiro Okubo. The latest video in this series revolves around the fan-favorite demon knight, Nightmare. The audio is Japanese on this Youtube video, so you'll have to hit the "CC" option for English subtitles. In addition, Digital Foundry got their hands on an early PC version of Soul Calibur 6 and has uploaded a full 4k-resolution video showing off the game's sharp graphics.

March 1st, 2018
Tekken Mobile Now Available Worldwide, First Impressions & New Character Renders

As of today, TEKKEN Mobile is available worldwide on Android and iOS systems. Today marks the official release of the game in North America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan. Having played TEKKEN Mobile for a few hours, I can give you my early impressions. As someone who usually scoffs at mobile-phone games in general, TEKKEN Mobile surprised me in a few ways. In addition to my first impressions, check out the latest high-res character renders from the game.

February 27th, 2018
Fighting Ex Layer Blair and Jack Trailers Released, Silhouettes Hint Remaining Characters

Following yesterday's announcement of Shadowgeist, Arika just released the Fighting EX Layer gameplay trailer for Jack and Blair Dame. In a single trailer, both Blair and Jack are shown in action on some new stages. Along with demonstrating some combos and super moves for each character, the end of the trailer appears to tease a new Gougi ability. Additionally, Arika's new version of the Shadowgeist trailer shows 2 character silhouettes, teasing the final 2 characters for the game.

February 27th, 2018
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Screenshots Preview Game Modes, Under Night Characters Getting English Dubs

Arc System Works released a batch of new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle screenshots, along with the game's main visual artwork. The new screens show off the game's modes, including: Episode Mode, Tactics Mode, Survival, Practice, Gallery, and Replay Theater. Additionally, during one of their recent streams, Arc System Works confirmed that Under Night In-Birth characters will be getting English voices for the first time ever in BBCTB. Continue reading for some additional details on game modes.

February 26th, 2018
Fighting Ex Layer is Coming to PlayStation 4 in June 2018, Shadowgeist Announced

In Arika's stream today, producer Nishitani was present to make some big announcements about Fighting EX Layer. For starters, the game will be released in June 2018 on PlayStation 4. If Fighting EX Layer is successful enough on PS4, the team said they'll possibly bring it to Steam. Two versions of the game were announced: a $59.99 version containing 12 characters & 15 Gougi decks, and a $39.99 "light" version containing 10 characters and 10 Gougi decks. Finally, returning character Shadowgeist was confirmed!  

February 22nd, 2018
Heidern is the Second DLC Character Coming to The King of Fighters XIV in 2018

Today, SNK confirmed the second new DLC character coming to The King of Fighters XIV this year. Heidern, who appeared in the very first KOF game (KOF '94), will be returning in KOF XIV. Heidern's KOF 14 reveal trailer shows off some of his reimagined moves and fighting style. We've also got an updated version of the character teaser silhouette image.

February 22nd, 2018
Ivy Valentine, Zasalamel Confirmed for Soul Calibur 6, Gameplay Trailers, Artwork & Screenshots

Bandai Namco confirmed two more characters for Soul Calibur VI, those being fan-favorite series veterans, Ivy Valentine and Zasalamel. Check out a full gameplay trailer for each character, along with official character artwork (drawn by Takuji Kawano) and a bunch of HD screenshots! Further details and any new information will be added to this article as soon as it becomes available.

February 19th, 2018
Broly and Bardock will Join Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC, Official Screenshots & Character Artwork

Broly and Bardock have been confirmed as the first wave of DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ. We've got a high quality V-Jump scan showing the first official images of the two new characters, in addition to their first gameplay details. Broly's Level 3 Meteor Attack is called "Gigantic Meteor". Bardock's Meteor Attack is known as "Revenger Assault", which transforms him into Super Saiyan form and executes a fierce rush down on the opponent. [UPDATE] Added official screens & character art!

February 17th, 2018
Guilty Gear Creator Says Next Installment Will Have Fewer Systems in Order to be Less Complicated

Arc System Works producer Toshimishi Mori and Guilty Gear series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari recently sat down with Destructoid to talk fighting games. In the interview, Ishiwatari shares his thoughts on the pro fighting game scene, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and hints at what the future holds for Guilty Gear. Interestingly, he stated that after releasing Guilty Gear Xrd REV2, the team learned what they need to improve upon. One of those improvements will be to reduce the amount of gameplay systems in the next installment because it's "too complicated".

February 15th, 2018
Kanji Tatsumi, Platinum the Trinity & Orie Join BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, DLC Pricing Details

The latest trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is live on Youtube. Like past trailers, this month's BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle announcement trailer confirms 3 characters for the game, one from each series (excluding RWBY). Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4 Arena, Platinum the Trinity from BlazBlue, and Orie from Under Night In-Birth are joining the cross-over 2D fighter. It's also worth noting that these 3 have been confirmed as DLC characters. [UPDATE] Arc System Works announced the DLC pricing details for the North American version.

February 12th, 2018
SFV: Arcade Edition Blanka Trailer, Screenshots, V-Trigger Details & Release Date

Blanka, the next DLC character for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is nearly ready to go! Releasing February 20th, Blanka will retain his old school fighting style and iconic special moves, but will also bring some new techniques to the table. Check out Blanka's official SFV trailer, screenshots, character art, costumes, and read up on his V-Trigger details. [UPDATE] Also check out Blanka's movelist and the first raw gameplay footage!

February 10th, 2018
New Trailer for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Shows Character Select Screen, New & Classic Costumes

A new trailer for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy confirms the return of some classic costumes and also shows off some brand new threads for the ladies of SNK. The early character selection screen is also shown, which contains at least 29 slots! This doesn't 100% confirm 29 characters will be playable, but that would surely make for a nice roster. Also enjoy a 4-minute gameplay video courtesy of GameSpot.

February 9th, 2018
KOF '97: Global Match Coming April 2018, Will Feature PS4/Vita Cross-Play, First Trailer & Screenshots

SNK officially announced The King of Fighters '97: Global Match, an online-enabled version of the classic 2D fighter from... you guessed it... 1997. Not many details are available yet, but KOF '97: Global Match has been confirmed for release on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita (with cross-play), as well as Steam in April 2018. Check out the first screenshots and a teaser trailer for the game.

February 8th, 2018
Why Eric Jacobus Got Into Making "Tekken in Real Life" Martial Arts Videos

If you're into martial arts and TEKKEN, you've probably heard of Eric Jacobus - the professional stuntman who has recreated dozens of character movesets in real life. Mr. Jacobus has achieved considerable fame doing so, with nearly 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. A new video by Circa offers a "behind the scenes" look at what got Eric Jacobus interested in "reverse-engineering" TEKKEN movesets back into real life.

February 7th, 2018
Injustice 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gameplay Trailer, Available February 13th

Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios released the long-awaited Injustice 2 full gameplay trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC. The 4 turtles will function as a single unit, fighting side-by-side in gameplay. However, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael will each have their own unique moveset, animations, and dialogue. Each of the turtles can also call upon their brothers for assists and team attacks.

February 7th, 2018
Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna from RWBY to be Free DLC in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was announced as one of the eight main games for EVO 2018. There's more good news for the title, as Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna have been confirmed to be FREE DLC characters. Regarding future paid DLC for the title, Producer Toshimichi Mori recently stated that the base game was originally planned to be released at a lower price, and purchasing all character DLC won't cost much more than a full-priced game.  (Source: Arc System Works (Twitter))

February 7th, 2018
Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 "Re-Evolve" Balance Patch Coming to Console & PC in March

During the EVO 2018 stream, Arc System Works announced that a balance patch is coming to Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 this March. Not much is currently known about the "Re-Evolve" balance patch, but patch "2.10" will launch in Japanese arcades February 14th. We'll update on the full patch notes once they go live.  (Sources: Arc System Works (Twitter), SRK)

February 7th, 2018
Evolution 2018 Official Games Lineup Revealed

The official games lineup for EVO 2018 has been announced! The 8 titles appearing on the EVO '18 main stage, include: TEKKEN 7, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd REV2, Injustice 2, Smash Melee & Smash Wii U. The games that will be featured in the Arena finals on Sunday are SFV:AE, TEKKEN 7, DBFZ, GGXrd & Melee. The Evo 2018 World Finals take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 3rd-5th, 2018.  (Sources: SRK, Evo 2018 World Finals)

February 6th, 2018
Tekken Mobile Release Date, Character Renders, Newcomer "Rodeo" Revealed in Latest Trailer

The new TEKKEN Mobile game for iOS/Android platforms is releasing worldwide beginning this month. The title officially comes to North America and Japan on March 1st, 2018. Bandai Namco released a new trailer debuting a newcomer to the series named "Rodeo" (who will join the game March 1st). In addition to the new trailer, check out high-res character renders for all new and returning characters appearing in the game. Also take a look at the global release schedule to see when TEKKEN Mobile is available in your country.

February 4th, 2018
Samurai Shodown 2 Now Available on Nintendo Switch, Samurai Shodown 3 Available on PS4 & Xbox One

Hamster Corporation just released some new SNK classics for current-gen consoles. The ACA port of Samurai Shodown 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch for $7.99. (The same port of Samurai Shodown 2 has also been available on PlayStation 4 since Oct. 2017.) Additionally, Hamster Corp. announced that Samurai Shodown 3 has released on PS4 and Xbox One for $7.99 in some regions. [UPDATE] The ACA NeoGeo port of SS3 released on PS4/PSN in North America on April 19th, 2018.   (Source: Hamster Corporation)

February 2nd, 2018
Legendary Fighting Game Illustrator "Akiman" Stars in Toco Toco TV Mini-Documentary

In any discussion about fighting game artwork and character design, the name Akira "Akiman" Yasuda should be in the conversation early on. The legendary Street Fighter 2 illustrator and character designer, Akiman, stars in the latest episode of Toco Toco TV, a web series focusing on creative professionals in Japan. The mini-documentary talks about Akira's 30-year career as an illustrator and animator, and follows him around his daily life in the Shinjuku area of Japan.

February 1st, 2018
Fighting Ex Layer Doctrine Dark EVO Japan Gameplay

One of most immediately memorable things about the Street Fighter EX series is its unforgettable character designs. Doctrine Dark is one of those memorable personalities. The latest Fighting EX Layer gameplay footage from EVO Japan shows several minutes off the crazed solider in action. From the early footage, D. Dark's Fighting EX Layer incarnation appears to have some interesting combo setups and retains most of his classic moves.

January 30th, 2018
Nakoruru Revealed for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

Samurai Shodown's Nakoruru is the latest female fighter to be revealed as a playable character for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. Like other heroines in the game, Nakoruru appears in "unusual" attire that differs from her usual costume. And instead of being accompanied by her hawk, Mamahaha, it seems Nakoruru has a new vampire bat and chibi animal friends to fight with. The latest trailer also provides the first information on the game's zany and comical storyline...

January 29th, 2018
Soul Calibur 6 Nightmare, Kilik, Xianghua & Gr
h Reveal Trailer, Gameplay, Screenshots & Official Artwork

The latest trailer for Soul Calibur VI confirmed 4 new playable characters: Nightmare, Kilik, Xianghua, and a newcomer, Grh, who uses Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship. Along with the reveal trailer, check out over 30 HD screenshots, official character artwork, raw gameplay footage, and the first storyline details for all 4 new fighters.

January 25th, 2018
Oswald Joining The King of Fighters XIV as DLC Alongside 3 Other New Characters

At EVO Japan, SNK confirmed that Oswald will be joining The King of Fighters XIV as a new DLC fighter. Oswald originated in KOF XI - previously his one and only fighting game appearance. The reveal trailer for Oswald shows off the playing card-slinging hitman in 60fps gameplay, and KOF XI fans will be glad to know he retains many of his classic attacks. SNK also confirmed that 3 additional new characters will be joining the KOF XIV this year by releasing yet another "silhouette" teaser image.

January 23rd, 2018
Jack Confirmed for Fighting EX Layer in New Teaser Trailer

Today, Arika revealed a teaser trailer introducing "a new challenger" for Fighting EX Layer, Jack! Some may remember him as Cracker Jack from the Street Fighter EX series, but it appears he will simply be known as "Jack" in Fighting EX Layer. Jack's Fighting EX Layer rendition has him decked out in full cowboy gear. He described as "a guy of loyalty". The new teaser trailer also briefly shows new intro animations for D. Dark and Allen Snider, along with 2 new stages.

January 22nd, 2018
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's Heihachi Mishima Featured in PlayStation "Totaku" Figure Line

ThinkGeek is introducing new "Amiibo-style" action figures based on iconic characters associated with PlayStation over the years. Called "Totaku", these figures don't have any in-game function like Amiibo, but do look pretty cool for good old fashioned displaying. TEKKEN has been a staple series on Sony consoles since 1995 during the PS1 era, so it's understandable (and awesome) to see TEKKEN 7's Heihachi representing in this toy line. Even awesomer... is that Heihachi appears in his new TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution attire.

January 22nd, 2018
15 Minutes of Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Footage & Official Character Art

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works revealed the first gameplay of Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ, including her official character trailer. For a more comprehensive look at Android 21, GameInformer posted a 5-minute gameplay video showing off her basics and special moves. Last but not least, we've got another 8 minutes of "Majin Android 21" stream footage to showcase her awesomeness. Warning: These videos may increase your appetite for sweet baked goods. [UPDATE] Added movelist breakdown video by Maximillian.

January 21st, 2018
Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[st] Will Support Legacy Sticks and Cross-Play Between PS4/PS3 

The latest version of Under Night In-Birth is finally coming to North America & Europe for PS4/PS3 on February 9th, 2018. Dust off that old PS3 fightstick, because Aksys Games confirmed on Twitter that Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[st] will include support for most legacy controllers. UNIST will also feature cross-play support, allowing PS4 and PS3 players to fight against one another. UNIST will also be coming out on PS Vita, but the portable version will not feature cross-play.  (Source: Aksys Games)

January 18th, 2018
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Release Date, Blake Belladonna Trailer, 20 Post-Launch DLC Fighters Announced

Arc System Works made some announcements regarding BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle during their recent ArcSys Awards event. For starters, the North American release date is June 5th, 2018 (May 31st for Japan). The newest trailer shows of the first DLC character for the game, Blake Belladonna. Additionally, the end of the trailer reveals "20 more" DLC characters will indeed be coming to the game. While we don't yet know the price point on these DLC characters, fans are certainly hoping that they won't end up paying for every returning character.

January 18th, 2018
The Season Finale of The King of Fighters: Destiny

SNK released the Season 1 finale of their 3D animated series, The King of Fighters: Destiny. In Episode 24: Destiny, "Rugal has achieved the power of a god and the fighters try their best to take him down. Revenge, love, hate, ambition... 'The King of Fighters' gets chaotic in this final epic battle. The destinies of these KOF fighters cross and give birth to a new history." As previously reported, 2 additional seasons of KOF: Destiny and a CG movie have been confirmed - which will tell the story of the Orochi Saga.

January 18th, 2018
Android 21 Confirmed Playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The latest issue of V-Jump magazine has confirmed that Android 21 in her "true form" will be a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ. ShonenGames reported that Android 21 will be the final character in DBFZ's launch roster. According to the V-Jump scan, Android 21 has the ability to absorb her opponents energy and even use some of their specific moves. Similar to Majin Buu, she can also turn her opponents into edible sweets - such as a macaroon, with icing on top, of course.

January 16th, 2018
Extended 24 Hour Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Begins January 17th at 9:00pm PST

Bandai Namco is extending the free Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta due to many participating players having online connectivity issues. The extended beta will begin on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 at 9:00PM Pacific Time and will run for a full 24 hours. Bandai Namco stated on Twitter that they made some tweaks to the server to hopefully provide a smoother online experience during this extended beta period.  (Source: Bandai Namco US)

January 16th, 2018
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Now Available

Today is launch day for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! If you already own SFV, the free 14GB update (2.01) will add a plethora of new content and modes to the game. The first Season 3 character, Sakura, will be available to try out for free during the launch. SFV: Arcade Edition will also be available as a standalone title for $39.99 in both digital and physical forms. Stay tuned for TFG's future review of SFV: Arcade Edition

January 11th, 2018
SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is Coming to Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4 This Summer

During today's "Mini" Nintendo Direct, SNK and NIS America announced SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. What looks to be a spiritual successor to SNK Gals Fighters, SNK Heroines is a 2.5D tag team fighting game featuring fast-paced 2-Vs-2 gameplay with up to 4 players (online or local). There will be 14 playable fighters. SNK Heroines features a customization mode where players can customize their characters' outfits, voice, and accessories. A PS4 Collector's Edition was also announced.

January 11th, 2018
Kyo & Terry Take on Rugal Bernstein in KOF: Destiny Episode 23, Two More Seasons & CG Movie Planned

Early this morning, SNK uploaded the latest episode of The King of Fighters: Destiny. In Episode 23: Rugal Bernstein, it is revealed that Rugal is behind the KOF, using it to take control of the fighters by using the Black Crystals. Kyo and Terry cooperate to try and take down Rugal. However, they are forced into a desperate situation when faced with Rugal's overwhelming power and stone-cold killer instincts. Additionally, the Chinese studio behind KOF: Destiny (iDragons) announced 2 more seasons and a CG movie of the Orochi Saga.

January 10th, 2018
11 Minutes of Sakura Gameplay in SFV: Arcade Edition

Yesterday, Capcom showed off the first raw gameplay footage of Sakura Kasugano in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. A Youtube archive (by The BEAST) contains 11 minutes of hard-hitting Sakura gameplay, which should give interested players a good idea about Sakura's updated playstyle and combo system. Sakura becomes available when SFV: Arcade Edition launches on January 16th.

January 10th, 2018
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Final Patch Notes

We're less than one week away from the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and Capcom has released the full patch notes for the major update. Along with listing all the specific character buffs and nerfs, Capcom Unity confirmed a new Training Mode option: in-game frame data displaying advantage & disadvantage in color. Additionally, returning players will be able to change their Fighter ID (for a price) and the "Grand Master" rank has been added. Head over to Capcom Unity for the final list of patch notes for SFV: Arcade Edition(Source: Capcom Unity)

January 9th, 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Roster & Modes Revealed

The German Bandai Namco Twitter page unveiled the roster for the Dragon Ball FighterZ 2018 open beta. First off, new playable characters that didn't appear in the previous beta include: Kid Buu, Nappa, Adult Gohan & Beerus. They will be joined by Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Adult Gohan, Android 18, Frieza, and Cell. For players who pre-ordered, the early access beta begins on Jan. 13 (9am PT). All other players can join the fun on Jan. 14 (12am PT). The beta runs until Jan. 16 (12am PT).

January 8th, 2018
Soul Calibur 6 All Mechanics Analysis Video

While we wait for the next Soul Calibur VI news or character reveal... French Soul Calibur veteran player, Hayate, put together an excellent video analysis of all known mechanics in Soul Calibur VI. His 7-minute video covers returning mechanics such as: Clash, Counter hit, Stun, Wall Splat, Guard Burst, and Guard Breaks; as well as new mechanics: Break Attack, Lethal Hit, and the updated Soul Charge. Lastly, he provides an in-depth look at SC6's Reversal Edge mechanic - which features 3 offensive and 5 defensive options.

January 8th, 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Breakdown Videos for Nappa, Captain Ginyu & Goku Black

Popular Youtuber Maximilian Dood recently uploaded 3 additional character breakdown videos for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The new video breakdowns feature Nappa, Captain Ginyu and Goku Black. Since Max only had a limited time to test out the characters over at Bandai Namco, the breakdowns only provide a few quick tips and strategies for each character... but are certainly worth a look for anyone jumping into DBFZ on day one.

January 7th, 2018
Injustice 2 Enchantress Gameplay trailer

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios released the gameplay trailer for Enchantress, the second character in Injustice 2's third DLC Fighter Pack. "The all-too ordinary life of June Moone ended the day she was possessed by the Enchantress, a demonic sorceress with aspirations of world domination. Today, she fights for her very soul, struggling to harness the Enchantress' magic for good. If she fails, the Enchantress will consume her - and our world won't be far behind." Enchantress will be available Jan. 9th for players who purchased early access passes.

January 4th, 2018
Preview the First Two Chapters of the KOF XIV Manga: "The King of Fighters: A New Beginning"

In addition to SNK's announcement of "new games" and an update to KOF XIV coming in 2018, SNK also announced a brand new manga adaptation called The King of Fighters: A New Beginning. The manga is being published by the Monthly Shonen Sirius' online manga app, and the first chapter is currently available to read for free online. The manga is in Japanese of course, but until a translation is available, we can certainly enjoy the sharp new artwork. Check out some preview images in TFG's article!

January 2nd, 2018
Arc System Works & Bandai Namco Wish Fans a Happy 2018

Both Bandai Namco & Arc System Works released their respective Happy New Year videos to bring in 2018 and thank fans for their support. To start, Bandai Namco's New Years video includes messages from SoulCalibur 6 producer Motohiro Okubo and Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki. Not to be outdone, the video from Arc System Works kicks off with the legendary Daisuke Ishiwatari in a traditional kimono rocking out on his guitar. (What else would you expect from the creator of Guilty Gear?)

January 2nd, 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ January Open Beta Dates & Details

Before Dragon Ball FighterZ officially launches on January 26th, an open beta on Playstation 4 and Xbox One will begin on January 14th (with early access for those who pre-ordered starting at 12:00AM on January 13th). The open beta will be available for all players on PS4 & Xbox One and runs until 12:00AM January 16th. Among the 11 characters in the updated beta version, Shonen Jump confirmed that Beerus will be a new playable character for fans to try out.

December 31st, 2017
SNK Celebrating 40th Anniversary, Updating KOF XIV & Releasing "New Titles" on Console & Mobile in 2018

SNK previously stated that they plan on reviving some of their iconic franchises, as The King of Fighters XIV was just the "beginning". According to a recent article translation via BlackKite on Twitter, SNK's Hiroyuki Oda recently said the "SNK brand will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018". He added that "new games are coming in 2018 for console and mobile" (but they can't announce them yet) and an update to KOF XIV is coming. Additionally, a new KOF manga and 40th Anniv. merchandize will become available in 2018.  (Source: BlackKite)
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