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January 16th, 2021
Capcom Cup February 2021 Event Canceled, Now Online

Due to the worsening state of COVID-19, it's no surprise that Capcom made the decision to cancel their Capcom Cup 2020 finale, a live event that was planned to take place in the Dominican Republic on February 19th - 21st . In their official statement on Twitter, Capcom said they strongly believed they could've put on a safe event with limited risk to attending players, but decided to change plans due to the rising spread of the global pandemic. 

January 15th, 2021
Mortal Kombat 2021 Live-Action Movie Screens, First Details

The first screenshots of the new 2021 Mortal Kombat movie surfaced online today. The film's director Simon McQuoid confirmed via Entertainment Weekly that the new MK film will have "blood, gore, and fatalities." Regarding the film's rating, McQuoid said "The rules around ratings aren't what a lot of people think they are. It's amount of blood, amount of red, it's interpretation of how you go about it. We had a lot of discussions about getting the balance right." 

January 15th, 2021
Harada Interviewed on TEKKEN 7's Development History, eSports Success, Importance of Online Improvements

Bandai Namco uploaded a new video interview with TEKKEN series creator and producer, Katsuhiro Harada, who recalls the challenges and history behind the development of TEKKEN 7. Harada mentions Bandai Namco initially had no plans to expand T7 past Season 2 but due to the game's popularity and success at tournaments, player participation, and passionate community, TEKKEN 7 continued to receive expansions into its fifth year. 

January 15th, 2021
Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Offline Modes Detailed, New Screenshots & Stage Revealed

Arc System Works just revealed new details on the 6 confirmed Offline Modes of Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, which include: Arcade, Versus, Tutorial, Mission, Training, and Survival. If you're a fan of single player content in fighting games, GGStrive appears to have you covered. The official website was also updated with some new screenshots, one revealing a warm and inviting "Polar Star Coffee" stage. 

January 13th, 2021
The King of Fighters XV Shun'ei Gameplay Trailer

SNK dropped the first character-focused trailer for The King of Fighters XV tonight starting with KOF XV's lead protagonist, Shun'ei. Shun'ei's official trailer offers a quick look at KOF XV's new graphics engine (in 4K quality) and demonstrates a small bit of Shun'ei's moveset, plus a quick cutscene interaction with Kyo Kusanagi. We can expect this style of trailer for all confirmed KOF XV characters in the weeks ahead! 

January 13th, 2021
BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War Smartphone RPG Coming in February 2021, Developed as a Legitimate Sequel

Today, Arc System Works director Minoru Kidooka announced a mobile RPG spin-off of Arc's other 2D fighting game franchise that isn't Guilty Gear... (yeah, BlazBlue). Developed by Linked Brain Co., BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War is a smartphone RPG launching in February 2021 and is reportedly being developed as a "legitimate sequel" to the fighting game series, continuing the main storyline. Check out the first official artwork & details inside: 

January 13th, 2021
Beautiful New Illustration by Kinu Nishimura Revealed for 2021 Capcom Store Merch Line

Legendary female artist, Kinu Nishimura, is well-known and beloved among fighting game fans for her beautiful Capcom illustrations over the decades. Famitsu reported a brand new illustration by Kinu, depicting a variety of fan-favorite Capcom characters, will be the centerpiece for a official 2021 line Capcom merchandise soon to go on sale at Capcom Store Tokyo and Capcom Store Osaka. 

January 12th, 2021
KOF XV Anime Short by Masami Obari in Development

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (1994) is a cult classic and easily one of the best fighting game anime adaptations ever made . One of the most memorable aspects of the film is the incredible art direction, made possible by legendary Japanese anime director, Masami Obari. During the KOF XV reveal, SNK's Yasuyuki Oda and Creative Director Eisuke Ogura announced that Masami Obari will be directing a KOF XV anime short to coincide with the release of the new game.  

January 12th, 2021
Arcade1Up Unveils Killer Instinct and Capcom Legacy Home Arcade Cabinets

During CES 2021, Arcade1Up revealed their latest home arcade machines planned for release this year, including a Killer Instinct / Rare legacy cabinet that includes: Killer Instinct 1 and Killer Instinct 2, along with Battletoads and Battletoads / Double Dragon. Like other recent Arcade1up releases, these games will include Live WiFi-enabled online matches. Additionally, Arcade1up revealed new Capcom Legacy cabinet featuring a selection of classics. 

January 11th, 2021
SFV: Champion Edition Akuma x Garuda Crossover Costume

Joining Kairi, Hokuto, Blaire, and Skullomania... Garuda joins the line-up of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition x Fighting EX Layer crossover costumes. Akuma and Garuda faced off in the original Street Fighter EX, so it makes sense that Akuma will acquire Garuda's appearance in SFV. The Akuma x Garuda crossover costume becomes available in SFV:CE's Extra Battle starting Tuesday, January 12th, 2021. Check out the official trailer for Akuma's Garuda costume. 

January 9th, 2021
Numbskull Designs TEKKEN Kazuya & Heihachi Ducks Available for Pre-order, Coming Feb. 2021

Numbskull Designs announced a new line of officially licensed TEKKEN merchandise launching in February 2021, starting with Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima TUBBZ cosplaying ducks. (Yes, rubber ducks!) The TEKKEN TUBBZ are made of high quality PVC, measure 9cm (3.54"), and come with their own bathtub display box and retail for $12.99 each. Both Mishima ducks are available for pre-order at Geek Store online. 

January 9th, 2021
KOF 2002: UM Coming to PS4 with Rollback Netcode

During the KOF XV reveal, SNK announced a new version of The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match is coming to PS4. With 66 combatants, KOF2002: UM boasts the largest character roster in the series history and is still a fan-favorite for competitive players. The PS4 version will include Rollback Netcode to reduce online latency along with "rearranged" graphics and music. The PS4 version also has Challenge Mode with 50+ missions and Endless (Survival) Mode. 

January 8th, 2021
Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in Development, SNK Devs put Ryu, Ken, and Goku in KOF '98 (Polygon)

Polygon's deep dive into the history of Street Fighter is back for another edition: Capcom Vs. SNK: An Oral History. A return to the historical moment when Capcom and SNK's rivalry culminated into an epic crossover series unveils crazy new details straight from Capcom and SNK devs, revealing jaw-dropping facts and new details! "CVS3 was in development," Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno confirmed. KOF '98 devs even created Ryu, Ken, and Goku in a later version! 

January 7th, 2021
KOF XV and Samurai Shodown Season 3 Officially Revealed

Tonight, SNK officially revealed The King of Fighters XV and confirmed the game is coming in 2021. Confirmed characters in KOF XV include: Kyo, Benimaru, Shun'ei, K', Leona, and Mai Shiranui. The KOF XV world premiere reveal trailer also includes appearances and commentary from producer Yasuyuki Oda and Creative Director Eisuke Ogura. Additionally, Cham Cham and Hibiki from The Last Blade are coming to Samurai Shodown Season 3

January 7th, 2021
The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition Coming to PS4

After postponing their KOF XV reveal yesterday, SNK uploaded a trailer for The King of Fighters XIV: Ultimate Edition a "complete" version of the game with all DLC content releasing on PlayStation 4 this month. The digital version releases in Europe today, with a physical version releasing Spring 2021. The digital version hits North America Jan. 20th, 2021. KOF XIV: Ultimate Edition includes 8 DLC Characters, 10 DLC Costumes, and 10 PS4 Home Themes.  

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