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May 23rd, 2024
Street Fighter 6 Akuma, A.K.I., Ed, Rashid Concept Illustrations

The latest Street Fighter 6 update brings four new Outfit 3 designs for Season 1 characters: Akuma, A.K.I., Rashid, and Ed. Following last week's trailer for these new looks, Capcom released the 2D concept illustrations behind SF6's next round of Outfit 3 designs...

May 22nd, 2024
Street Fighter 6 May 2024 Akuma Update Adds Music Selection, Giant Attack Event, Balance Update & More

Akuma is now available in Street Fighter 6 bringing with him a slew of new features, modes, balance adjustments, and more! Today, Capcom released the Akuma Update Launch Trailer showing Akuma's World Tour interactions and battles with player avatars. The online community experience is enhanced with the all-new "Giant Attack" mode...

May 16th, 2024
SF6 Battle Balance Update, Outfit 3 Showcase Trailer

This week, Capcom released two new trailers for Street Fighter 6 in preparation for Akuma's arrival. Firstly, a major balance update will drop on May 22nd with Akuma. The new trailer highlights some of the upcoming changes, including a new universal reversal mechanic. Additionally, the new Outfit 3 trailer reveals costumes for Akuma, Ed, A.K.I...

May 10th, 2024
Akuma Street Fighter 6 Character Guide Video

Capcom uploaded an extensive Street Fighter 6 character guide video for Akuma / Gouki ahead of his arrival on May 22nd, 2024. The 11-minute video covers Akuma's basic tools and breaks down each of his special attacks. Also demonstrated are Overdrive techniques, cancels, and Super Arts with Akuma's iconic Shun Goku Satsu...

May 3rd, 2024
TEKKEN 8 v1.04 Full Patch Notes Released

Following the first major balance patch of TEKKEN 8's lifespan and the arrival of Eddy Gordo back in March, Bandai Namco announced an additional patch to iron out some of their intended fixes. Patch v.1.04 addresses both common and character-specific changes with helpful detailed descriptions of each change and why they were implemented. View the full patch notes inside:

May 3rd, 2024
DNF Duel Nen Master Announced, Teaser Trailer

After revealing "Monk" a couple months ago, DNF Duel's developers announced the fifth and final DLC character joining the game's first Season Pass. "Nen Master" will bring Kung-Fu moves and a connection with nature to DNF Duel in Summer 2024. The first footage shown in the teaser trailer is short and sweet, revealing just 13 seconds of the new character in action.

April 29th, 2024
Street Fighter 6 Akuma Arrives May 22nd, Reveal Trailer

Just before the EVO Japan 2024 Street Fighter 6 Top 6 Finals kicked off, Capcom released Akuma's full SF6 gameplay reveal trailer. While the raging demon's new visual design was previously revealed, this is the first time seeing Akuma in SF6 gameplay! Like other returning characters in SF6, Akuma's reimagined moveset packs a smooth mix of new and old.

April 29th, 2024
TEKKEN 8 Season 1 Trailer Confirms Lidia, New Stage Seaside Resort, New Story, Photo Mode, Balance Update

Before the start of EVO Japan's TEKKEN 8 Top 6 Finals, Bandai Namco's Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took the stage to announce a slew of free updates coming to TEKKEN 8 and dropped a brand new trailer. For starters, the TEKKEN 8 Season 1 trailer confirms returning TEKKEN 7 character Lidia and new stage "Seaside Resort".

April 29th, 2024
Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Slayer Arrives May 30th, Gameplay Reveal Trailer, Screenshots

Following the EVO Japan '24 Guilty Gear -STRIVE- grand finals, Arc System Works producer Ken Miyauchi took the stage to congratulate the winners, participants, and community. Following that, the producer dropped the final character reveal trailer for Season 3, confirming the epic return of the "laid back and dignified" vampire, Slayer.

April 28th, 2024
Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Marco Reveal Trailer

SNK debuted a brand new Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves character reveal trailer during EVO Japan 2024, confirming the return of the Kyokugen Karate expert, Marco Rodrigues. One of the most visually impressive Fatal Fury: COTW character trailers thus far, Marco's updated 3D character model and animations are looking nearly as sharp as his original 2D sprite.

April 28th, 2024
Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Slayer Silhouette Revealed

During EVO Japan 2024, Arc System Works posted a new teaser silhouette for Guilty Gear STRIVE's final (unannounced) Season 3 character. After watching the Season 4 announcement trailer back in March, most fans could come to the conclusion that Season 3's final combatant is the returning fan-favorite, Slayer. The new silhouette drop...

April 10th, 2024
UDON Final Fight Comic Series Launching July 2024

This week, UDON Entertainment announced a Final Fight comic series releasing in July 2024. The 4-issue series is written by Chris Sarracini and features illustrations by Joe Ng, Edwin Huang, and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz. Additionally, a "Street Fighter Vs. Final Fight" comic was announced for Free Comic Book Day in May 2024. In this special Capcom crossover...

April 10th, 2024
Mortal Kombat 1 Ermac and Mavado Reveal Trailer

On Tuesday, NetherRealm Studios released the gameplay reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat 1's next DLC character, Ermac. The returning sorcerer has an all new visual appearance and fighting style to go along with it. Ermac's trailer also reveals Mavado as MK1's next Kameo fighter, joining the Kameo roster in May 2024. Ermac joins the Mortal Kombat 1 roster...

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