SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

The "spiritual successor" to SNK Gals Fighters (2000), SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy was announced on January 11th, 2018 during the Nintendo Direct Mini stream. SNK Heroines is a 2-VS-2 tag team fighting game with "simplified" special moves (no motion inputs), fast-paced gameplay, and up to 4 players online or offline. Modes include: Story, Survival, Training, Tutorial, Gallery, Online, and Customize.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy character selection screen.
Yes, game support ended with many empty slots. :/

The traditional 2D gameplay "feels like KOF", but there's no crouch input (wow) and no traditional motion inputs, either. The Spirit Gauge which enables special moves with a single button press or using "items" to turn the tide of battle. Attack damage become weaker when the Spirit Gauge is low, so players can switch out characters. When the opponent's life gauge is red, characters can initiate the Dream Finish technique to win the round. There are also various items / power-ups that have an effect on battles.

Shermie is back! ...Reason enough to try this game??

SNK Heroines features a Customize mode where players can view character models and alter their characters' costume, voice, and add various accessories. Plays earn in-game gold that they can spend to unlock new items. Online features include match spectating and "betting on" winning players which wins you in-game currency. Players can use their winnings to buy voice clips and accessories in the customization mode. Other online modes include Quick Play and 8-Player Room Match.

DOA with an actual customize mode? How did SNK beat Koei Tecmo to it?

A PS4 Collectors Edition titled "Diamond Dream Edition" was announced which contains a variety of bonus items. The $119.99 special edition features: a hardcover art book, 2-disc soundtrack, "Fatal Cutie" cap, lapel pin set, collector's box, a sleeveless Mai Shiranui shirt, wrist sweatband, and workout towel. The standard edition launched for $49.99.

Get ready for the next... costume. Also, 1 button specials. lul.


Page Updated: October 29th, 2023
Developer(s): SNK Corporation
Publisher(s): NIS America, Inc.
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date(s): Sept. 6th, 2018        PS4 / Switch
Sept. 7th, 2018
        PS4 / Switch
Feb. 21st, 2019      Steam
Characters Athena, Leona Heidern, Kula Diamond, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki, Nakoruru, Shermie, Zarina, Sylvie, Love Heart, Luong, Mian, Mui Mui, Kukri, Terry Bogard, Thief Arthur, Skullomania, Miss X, Jeanne D'Arc
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First Impression:

SNK Gals Fighters (2000) is a actually an iconic NeoGeo Pocket title with a well-deserved cult following. For those who don't know, SNK Gals Fighters was a charming, fan-service heavy title and something very "different" for SNK fans at the time.

18 years later... those of us who remember that game have (hopefully) grown up a bit from our NEOGEO Pocket days. For some reason, the SNK fam decided SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is what the world needs in 2018. You'll need a strong sense of humor to enjoy anything about this game, because it doesn't come close to taking itself seriously as a game.

In a world... where SNK fans are dying for a reboot of Samurai Shodown, Garou, or Art of Fighting. . . comes a game. . . with girls. . . who seem like they are slightly uncomfortable in their clothing. . . in a mansion. Wooow, SNK. Why SNK? lol.

Maybe if I had a 7 year-old daughter who wanted to try "getting into fighting games," I'd start her with SNK Heroines so she could play it on her little Nintendo Switch... and in turn, maybe someday she'd understand her father's weird obsession with them fightin' games he still plays? (Hell no. I'd start her off playing TEKKEN.) Yes, I just suggested that SNK Heroines is a game that looks like it's for little girls. (Ironically enough, many bearded man-children weebs were acting pretty excited on Twitter when this game was first announced.)

SNK is trolling us... it's a funny time us fighting game fans are living in, when DOA6 is allegedly "toning down" sexuality, and SNK is giving us a female Terry Bogard with huge tits. Long after this game becomes boring (because the gameplay is ultra casual), fighting game historians will refer back to this game and remember... ohh yeah, that happened. The reaction SNK got guest character reveals far exceeded (and outlived) the "game" itself. Interesting times we're living in, eh? In fairness, SNK Heroines does have some pretty entertaining guest characters. And that's the key word of this game: Entertainment.

It seems like SNK purposely set out to make a niche game, and/or to practice their 3D rendering skills for future (more serious) remakes. SNK Heroines is an unexpected direction from SNK, especially at this time, and now they've got fighting game players talking about over-sexualization (the thing that DOA banked its career on) instead of EVO or eSports. Even though it's not the Samurai Shodown reboot SNK should be putting 100% of their time into, I'm still interested to try this game. (I'll just wait for the ultimate edition with all the DLC characters, because.... yeah). Btw SNK, by all means, take your sweet time with the Samurai Shodown reboot. There's no rushing that! (P.S. It's interesting that I wrote the sentence above before the 2019 reboot was actually announced.)

One thing I do like about SNK Heroines is the Art Style. The alternate costume designs are a good mix of nostalgia, fan service, and random SNK humor. I'll admit I'm somehow, mildly entertained... "SNK Waifu Battle 2018" probably won't end up being center stage at EVO (much less appear at any legit fighting game tournament at all), but that's okay. Some fighting games can just be fun. Is this game fun? Debatable. 1-button special moves... no crouch... and no motion inputs? Are gamers' attention spans and abilities really that deteriorated?  I blame Super Smash Bros.

Anyway, I did buy this game on Steam when the price dropped to $10. It looks pretty good in 4K resolution, I guess, although many visuals and the gameplay / story itself seems very unfinished. I think SNK could've done more with this bizarre title, but as a silly fan service game (a thing that exists now), I guess it's entertaining in some ways. That's better than nothing.
~TFG Webmaster
| @Fighters_Gen

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