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Luong is a mysterious beautiful woman who uses a TaeKwonDo-based fighting style. She has a seductive personality along with an elegant appearance and attitude. She likes to "play" with her opponents and feel excited when she is in battle. She met Gang-il during his world tour and fell in love with him. Outside of battle, she shows less of her cold side and rather shows affection towards Gang-il and his star student Kim, much to the latter's dismay given that he's already married with children.
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The King of Fighters XIV



SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy


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Page Updated:  Dec. 19th, 2019

I usually love TaeKwonDo characters in fighting games, so I was naturally interested in trying out Luong. There are obvious shades of Juri Han and Zafina (two excellent characters) in Luong's design, but Luong definitely isn't a rip-off of any kind. Luong also takes some inspiration from Jhun in her stances and lightning-fast kicks. That all said, a mix of those 3 characters WORKS... and she's quite a beast in KOF XIV.

She's got some minor sexual undertones in her design, but nothing too "over-the-top" (besides her supermove, maybe). It all goes towards her seductive personality, which works for her. She's definitely one of the stronger designs out of the newcomers on KOF14 and has a cool and hard-hitting fighting style to back in up. I actually hope to see her in future installments (and I can't say that about all of KOF XIV's newcomers).

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