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Sylvie Paula Paula
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Sylvie Paula Paula is a former member of the now defunct NESTS cartel. Her bizarre appearance takes inspiration from Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Harajuku fashions. After the collapse of NESTS, she was scouted by the KOF tournament organizer during an underground fighting event/ Sylvie's visual design is loosely based on Japanese Pop idol, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
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The King of Fighters XIV



SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, The King of Fighters XV


Page Updated:  Jan. 9th, 2023

There's always that character that makes you say to yourself.... "This character was not made for me." In my case, Sylvie is that character. 0_o Sylvie hurts my eyes. Did we really need another pop idol besides Athena, SNK? Since Sylvie's design is based off of a Japanese pop idol (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu), this design probably won't appeal to most Westerners. In terms of annoyance scale, I'd put Sylvie at about a "9/10". (And people actually complained about Lucky Chloe? lol) 

Sylvie is one of the few KOF14 characters that I really couldn't picture in 2D. Her design has way too much going on to be a 2D sprite, it would never work (or would take 2D artists 6 years to complete). In fairness, Sylvie's moveset, animations, and playstyle isn't as bad as I thought. Ironically, she might have some of the most "entertaining" animations in KOF14/SNK Heroines. Her walking animations and mannerisms are pretty charismatic. Overall, she's trying way too hard as a design. Just when I thought I understood a little bit about Japanese pop culture, I realize that I'm still very much a westerner... lol. On one final note, Sylvie looks like Easter and Halloween had a dysfunctional baby. KOF would be just fine (better) without her. Please stick to "cool" KOF characters, SNK.

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