Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024

Triple K.O. Podcast Hosts TFG's Frank Yagami as Guest to talk Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection


It's Marvel baby! We've got some exciting news for you today... TFG's own Frank Yagami joins the Triple K.O. podcast featuring Maximilian Dood, EVO champ Justin Wong, and Matt McMuscles for a crossover of epic proportions! Dropping today, in episode #76 of the Triple K.O. Podcast launched by the trio back in 2022 we talk about the recent HUGE news of Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics and MVC2 finally being FREED... following the epic #FreeMvC2 hashtag and movement led by Maximilian Dood on Twitter in recent years (back when it was called Twitter, that is).

A variety of other fighting game-related topics are discussed in the episode, including M. Bison's recent arrival in Street Fighter 6. What a time to be alive... without further ado, enjoy watching the latest Triple K.O. podcast on YouTube a full hour-and-a-half episode. 
I wanna take you for a ride. . . 
Frank here. It was a pleasure and privilege appearing on Triple K.O. podcast with these legends... and I hope we can do it again in the future. This was really fun and I'll be releasing some of my own original video content shortly (please stay tuned). Thanks everyone for listening.
Keep it here on The Fighters Generation for updates to this article and more content coming very soon...
~TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph (Yagami) | @Fighters_Gen






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 Source:  Triple K.O.                    

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