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TEKKEN 8 Ver. 1.05 Patch Notes


A major gameplay patch for TEKKEN 8 is now live as version 1.05 brings extensive universal gameplay tweaks, character improvements, and even brand new moves and cancels for a variety of characters! Every TEKKEN 8 player should take the time to read the full patch notes (partially for the universal mechanics if not extensively for individual character changes), where Bandai Namco provides extensive details on the purpose and utility behind the changes and moveset additions. In particular, 1.05 tweaked a variety of mechanics and moves in an effort to improve the 3D aspect of TEKKEN's gameplay toning down some moves (example: throws) by making them more punishable by side-stepping. Other characters' unique strengths and movement options were improved upon, with entirely new animations and cancels added to flesh out movesets (ex: Steve, Paul, Kazuya).

As a multi-character TEKKEN 8 player since launch... I will say v1.05 is an "excellent" update (in the famous words of Lee Chaolan) with many understated changes making characters more fun and dynamic. This is the best the game has felt so far, if you ask me. In addition to the gameplay patch, the TEKKEN Shop is stocked with new character and avatar items including Asuka's classic T5 outfit, the "Dangerous Grappler Pack" and the "Wonderful Wrestler Pack", as well as several other universal customization items.
Details on the patch were posted this morning on Bandai Namco Europe's official site. You can also view the full TEKKEN 8 Version 1.05 Patch Notes in their entirety directly below.

TEKKEN 8 v.105 Patch Notes

TEKKEN 8 version 1.05 update is now live on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox as of 4:00am (EST) on June 11th, 2024. Have fun with the buffs, TEKKEN fam! You can also access the full patch notes for TEKKEN 8's previous v1.04 update inside our May 2024 article.
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