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TEKKEN 8 Lidia Sobieska Gameplay Reveal Trailer, Character Render, New Screenshots


During Combo Breaker '24, Bandai Namco released the official TEKKEN 8 Gameplay Reveal Trailer for returning TEKKEN 7 character Lidia Sobieska. "The warrior prime minister" of Poland, Lidia Sobieska retains her traditional Polskie Karate style from her first fighting game appearance and shows off many new techniques in her upgraded TEKKEN 8 arsenal. Lidia's trailer also provides a first look at TEKKEN 8's new "Seaside Resort" stage. Lidia becomes playable in Summer 2024. Enjoy watching Lidia's official TEKKEN 8 Gameplay Reveal Trailer from Bandai Namco, below. [UPDATE] Lidia's Character Render and Screenshots were added to the article. 












Once again, TEKKEN 8's version 1.04 update is now live. You can view the full patch notes inside our previous article. Bandai Namco previously mentioned that the next TEKKEN 8 patch (version 1.05) is currently in development and scheduled for a June 2024 release. Keep it here on The Fighters Generation for more TEKKEN 8 news.
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