Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 

AKIMAN, Akira Nishitani & John Tobias Talk Fighting Games in Netflix's High Score Episode 5


Netflix's new limited series High Score retells the colorful history of video games, spanning the genre's major evolutions during the '80s and early '90s. In Episode 5, iconic Street Fighter 2 Director & Designer Akira Nishitani is joined by legendary designer Akira "AKIMAN" Yasuda to talk about the humble beginnings of fighting games and the Street Fighter series. Later in the episode, Mortal Kombat creator / designer John Tobias shares his memories during the rise of the fighting genre. Episode 5 also features an interview with Street Fighter II Turbo champion, Takahiro Nakano, who reminisces on SF2's rise to popularity in arcades. Nakano goes on to talk about his life-changing win at Japan's national SF2 Turbo tournament in 1993, and how he became a mentor and active member of professional eSports team, Kyoto Susanoo. 

While High Score is a superb documentary and a must-watch... one of my only complaints is that the latter half of the "fighting game episode" heavily segways into video game violence and controversy. Since Episode 6 covers FPS games, the drifting off-topic sort of makes sense, but I can't help but feel they missed opportunities in telling the story of the fighting genre's important evolutions.

Instead of diving into how Virtua Fighter revolutionized 3D graphics for video games (for example), the end of Episode 5 spends a bit too long on the controversial title, Night Trap - which along with the violence and gore of Mortal Kombat, was the reason the ESRB was created. Watch the official trailer for the series, below.


High Score Episodes 1-6 are currently available on Netflix.


 Source:  Netflix Official Trailers        TFG Twitter Post: @Fighters_Gen

Hi Score Girl is a Love Letter to 90's Fighting Game Players... and it's a Must Watch.

I'm not the typical person who recommends anime.  Back in my younger days, I used to watch a lot more anime (old school faves include Berserk, Initial D & Death Note). As a fighting game enthusiast for 30+ years, I'm here to recommend to you an anime called Hi Score Girl.
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